Best Spinbot Alternatives [Free and Paid] – 2021

Best Spinbot alternative

Are you looking for the Best Spinbot alternatives?

Spinbot is one of the best paraphrasing tools out there in the market, but as it allows only 10000 characters at a time, using this tool may get laborious if you have lengthy Articles.

When we say you would agree with us, creating content that incorporates all information and keeps the reader engaged is not a piece of cake for everyone to do regularly.

Now you have a better way to create articles without having to hire a content or copywriter, and that is by using software like Spinbot. 

Suppose you are looking to improve your content quality and drive more traffic with SEO-optimized articles instead of SpinBot. In that case, you should try out various other Softwares that use advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence & NLP. This will help you generate more human-readable and relevant content.

To make things easier for you, we have researched and reviewed some of the Best Spinbot alternatives available in the market. You can easily rely on these services to make your content-related marketing much more comfortable than ever.

But first, let’s understand;

Why look for a Spinbot alternative?

Spinbot is a paraphrasing tool that rewrites your content. It does it by analyzing the intent of the words, sentences, and paragraphs and replacing them with better synonyms. 

Limitations of Spinbots:

  • Allows you to spin 10,000 characters per day. So you may have to wait till the next day to rewrite your long articles completely. 
  • Not equipped with Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing to create different articles. 
  • It cannot be integrated as an API on your website or Application. 
  • It does not have many features to modify your content. 
  • The rewritten content may not generally pass the Copyscape test. 

Which are the Best Spinbot Alternatives?

We made an extensive comparison between this software based on their Features, User Interface, Technology used, and paraphrase ability. 

Paraphrasing tools have come a long way with time, and they offer great value while saving you hours. Here we have listed some of the best paraphrasing tools used as Spinbot Alternatives.

1. Word AI

WordAI is a powerful content generator tool that uses Artificial intelligence. The software understands every word’s true meaning and intent so that it can generate articles that are human-readable and engaging. 

The software can be used to generate and spin articles based upon your requirement in no time. 

Word AI Best Spinbot Alternatives

Features of WordAI

  • Provides the ability to edit content in HTML format. 
  • It can be integrated with Article Forge to generate articles and spin them multiple times. 
  • Completely spin paragraphs and sentences to improve quality.
  • Generates new sentences and paragraphs that are relevant to the context of the Article and improves overall quality. 
  • Support multiple languages to publish the same content on multiple blogs. 
  • Replace grammatically wrong words and sentences. 
  • Has a user-friendly interface and structure. 
  • Super intelligent title spinning to improve the quality of the Article’s title.
  • It can be integrated using API. 

Pricing of WordAI

WordAI provides a 3-day trial that can give you an idea of who to use this software and what to expect, but the free plan only has limited features. So you can opt for the Paid plans and get access to all the features that we discussed. 

To access the software, you can either choose a Monthly or Yearly subscription. 

  • Turing Monthly Plan for $49.95
  • Turing Yearly Plan for $347 (save 42%)

2. SpinRewriter 11

Spinrewriter is an Article paraphrasing tool that can be the best Spinbot alternative. The tool was first launched in 2011 and has continuously been updated with new features and technology.  

SpinRewriter now uses Artificial intelligence and Emulated Natural Language (EML) to enhance your content and create a unique SEO-friendly copy. 

Once you enter the Article that you would like to rewrite, SpinRewriter will provide you the best recommendation of changes that you can do manually. You can also select the “One-Click Rewrite” to automatically generate 100s of spun articles. 

SpinRewriter Best Spinbot Alternatives

Features of Spin Rewriter 

  • User-friendly Dashboard so that you easily understand the functioning of the tool. 
  • Allows you to compare Old and New Content side-by-side. 
  • Generate 100% unique & human-quality articles within minutes. 
  • Spin Bulk Articles at once to save time. 
  • It can be accessed from different devices as the tool is hosted on the cloud. 
  • Understand the true meaning of the words, sentences, and paragraphs using EML.
  • Export Mass Articles directly to your Websites, Blogs, and PBNs. 
  • Let’s add relevant stock Images from Pexels. 
  • It can create new sentences and paragraphs on its own. 
  • Video Tutorials and Guides to learn all about the tool. 

Pricing of Spin Rewriter

SpinRewriter provides you a 5 day free trial with full access to the software. You will most certainly be subscribing to the tool once you use it. 

Hence, we recommend opting for the yearly subscription to 60% OFF. You will also get all the future updates of the software along with your subscription. 

The payment options available for the SpinRewriter are: 

  • Monthly plan priced at $47 
  • Yearly plan priced at $77 (recommended)
  • LifeTime Plan priced at $497 

3. The Best Spinner 4

This article rewriting tool fits perfectly as the best Spinbot alternative. The Best Spinner 4 is equipped with the world’s most extensive synonym, thesaurus, which gives it the ability to transform your articles thoroughly. 

The tool is trusted by more than 90,000 users globally, and their customer service is among one the best. Though the tool does not use Artificial Intelligence or NPL technology, it still creates high-quality, unique articles. 


  • Easy to use tool with intuitive Dashboard. 
  • More than 130k Built-in Content with label rights to repurpose the content as required. 
  • Fast and Easy to spin large articles. 
  • Text-to-speed technology to convert Article into Audio/mp3 formats. 
  • Generate 100s of different versions of Articles and download them at once as a Zip. 
  • Compare Articles side by side to understand the difference between the two. 
  • Automatically rewrite sentences and paragraphs. 
  • Share your newly spun Article on your WordPress website via the tool. 
  • It supports multiple types of devices and can be accessed anywhere using the Internet. 
  • Generate Articles in more than 14 different languages. 
  • Access the API for easy integration on various platforms. 
TBS bonus 1
TBS bonus 2


The Best Spinner 4 is an excellent alternative for SpinBot, even in pricing. There are three types of payment options that you can go for, i.e., Basic, Standard, and Pro. 

the best spinner pricing

Raw: $67 per Year

  • Same as Standard but with (30 credits) for audio conversion & translation.

Standard: $127 per Year

  • Full Access to The Best Spinner 4
  • 60 monthly credits for audio conversion & translation
  • MAC/PC/Tablet Compatible
  • Access to full seed content database
  • All bonuses

Pro – $247 Per Year

  • Same as Standard but with 240 more credits (300 credits) for audio conversion & translation.

However, there are no free-to-use versions of the tool. But there is a 30-day Money back guarantee so that you can go ahead and purchase this product worry-free.

4. SpinnerChief 6

SpinnerChief 6 is one of the best paraphrasing tools that can improve your efficiency. It generates content that is more human-readable and SEO-friendly.

This tool is integrated with Artificial Intelligence and Natural language processing that analyzes your articles in depth. The process is fast and seamless, and you can generate 100s of Rewritten copies and save them at once. 

spinnerchief 6 spinbot alternative


  • Uses the new exclusive Statistical Replacement Technology(SRT) that replaces your words with better synonyms. 
  • One-click content generation for improved quality and quantity. 
  • Easy to edit the Articles manually based on suggestions. 
  • Cloud-based software and can be used from multiple devices. 
  • Supports content generation in different languages, including French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, Indonesian, Greek, Swedish, and Portuguese, etc.
  • You can spin articles in Bulk within minutes. 
  • Thesaurus database consistently updates to ensure the best synonyms are placed. 
  • Easy team management system. 

Bonus: Get access to X-Spinner software worth $197 for FREE when you subscribe for SpinnerChief 6. 


The Elite version can be obtained for a lifetime at just $84. This pack includes some features, but you’ll be missing out on a lot. 

So we would recommend buying the Ultimate plans as it offers better value to money. In fact, for just $273, you can say goodbye to your copywriter and save both time and money. 

Moreover, there are Monthly, Yearly as well. 

Spinner chief 6 price
  • Payment Option 1: $273 One Time Fee
  • Payment Option 2: $46 Per Year
  • Payment Option 3: $23 per month
  • Payment Option 4: $7 for 3days, then $53 per Year
  • Payment Option 5: $7 for 3days, then $149 One Time Fee

5. ChimpRewriter

ChimpRewriter is another tool that can generate high-quality content and save you a ton of money. This software is highly trusted by marketers and used globally by more than 30,000 users. 

ChimpRewriter uses the full potential of technologies like Artificial intelligence and NLP. It allows you to search, analyze, and rewrite content at lightning speed. 

chimp rewriter Best Spinbot Alternatives


  • Spin and rewrite content within minutes. 
  • Thesaurus directory can replace words in multiple languages, including French, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, English, Spanish, and German.
  • Easy to use software layout and user-friendly UI. 
  • Import images and videos in content automatically. 
  • Grabs content from the web and creates an entirely new article that you can publish instantly. 
  • API can be integrated into any Software or Website.
  • It can be downloaded on your PC or laptop.
  • You can export and post blogs directly from the tool.


Spinrewriter has been priced correctly for the value it provides. There are no specific plans with different sets of features but only a single one you can opt for as a Monthly or Yearly subscription. 

You can opt out of the plan anytime you like, so there are no restrictions here. Moreover, you’ll get a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product by any chance, you can claim a 100% refund within the initial 60 days. 


  • Article Pack: Get access to thousands of PLR article packs for a limited time to generate rewritten content of relevant topics. 
  • Amazing Guide: Learn and implement strategies from “Definitive Guide to Article Spinning and Rewriting.”
  • Second Licence: Reserve a second license for Free to use the software on another computer. 

Monthly plan: $15/Mo

Yearly plan: $99/Year

Chimp rewriter pricing

6. CleverSpinner

Creating quality content gets more comfortable when you start using CleverSpinner. With the tool’s help, you can quickly paraphrase & create content without paying expensive writers or spending time writing it on your own.

It is a web-based application and an excellent Alternative for Spinbot as you can create more human-readable Articles and Google friendly. 

Clever Spinner Best Spinbot Alternatives


  • Generate content within minutes with multiple copies. 
  • Create copywriting Content for your Website, Blogs, Advertisements, or PBN sites. 
  • Replace words with more accurate synonyms and add value to the Articles.
  • Rewrite sentences and tricky paragraphs when and where required. 
  • The Articles generated using CleverSpinner will pass the Copy scrape test.
  • Use API to integrate the Software within Applications and websites. 
  • You can insert images and videos as per the newly spun content.
  • Powered with Artificial Intelligence technology that aims to deliver quality content. 


ChimpRewriter provides a 3-day trial for you to try out all the features and functionalities. After the trial expires, you will be charged $9.99 per month until you cancel your subscription. 

ChimpRewriter does not have different sets of payment plans or subscription types, but it does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

7. QuillBot

Quillbolt is an excellent alternative for Spinbot as it comes with advanced features and uses Artificial Intelligence technology. 

The content rewritten using this software will impress you in many ways. You can generate high-quality content even when using the Free version, but with some limitations. 

Rest assured that having the Paid version of this software is entirely worth it and will blow your mind. 

Quillbolt has more than 10+ Million trust users all around the globe. 

quillbot Best Spinbot Alternatives


  • Customize vocabulary enhancements to control word flippers’ ability to change more or less or your Article. 
  • It can be integrated with Chrome and Google Docs to spin the Articles quickly. 
  • An AI-powered thesaurus provides suggestions with better synonyms.
  • Rewrite Content for Email Marketing, Blog Posts, Social Media posts, etc. 
  • Integrated with a cloud-based thesaurus that keeps on adding more words. 
  • Generate new Paragraphs, sentences, and words as and when required. 
  • Compare your new and old articles side by side to identify the area of improvement. 
  • Freeze specific words and sentences to prevent them from Spinning. 
  • Integrated with a Summarizer tool that can shorten lengthy articles, essays, research papers in short documents or paragraphs while maintaining the original context and required information. 


As mentioned earlier, the Free version offers a great result, but it only has limited features and character limits. Here are all 

Free: This plan allows you to spin articles with up to 5000 Summarizer & 700 Paraphraser character limits. 

Professional: This plan provides you 25000 Summarizer character and 10000 Paraphraser character limit and can be subscribed based on Monthly, Semi-annual, or Annual Subscription

Quillbot pricing
  • Monthly: $4.95
  • Semi-Annually: $4.15 (save 16%)
  • Annually: $3.33 (save 32%)

8. Content Professor

A content Professor is an underrated software that offers excellent value to money. You can generate high-quality content that can rank on Google. 

You can quickly learn how to use the interface and generate spun articles within minutes. The service is used by more than 30,000+ users globally who trust the benefits and the people behind it. However, this tool does not use AI or NLP technology. 

content professor Best Spinbot Alternatives


  • Quick content creation for Blogs, Websites, Ad Campaigns, Email Marketing, or writing product description. 
  • Creates unique content that is more likely to rank on Google. 
  • The synonym request feature allows you to remove or add words to its global online database. 
  • An integrated Algorithm continuously analyzes the quality of a Synonym and places them based on relevancy and how often different users use them. 
  • Let’s create 100s of relevant Articles with a single click. 
  • Access to over 100,000 Private Label Rights articles to s.
  • Articles can be imported in different formats including the standard {|} spin syntax. 
  • Support multiple languages like English, German, Spanish, and Friends. 
  • It can replace multi-word phrases with synonyms. 
  • Support nested spinning that can create more unique versions of the Articles. 
  • It comes with Auto URL linking to insert HTML code to create hyperlinks.
  • Copyscape & Plagium free plagiarism checker. 
  • Integrated with advanced spell checker technology. 
  • Allows API integration within different applications and websites. 


The product has been priced perfectly so that most of the users can afford the service. There is a free trial of the software only provides 200-400 credits for article spinning per month. 

But the quality of Articles will not be that great as the free plan only lets you access up to 8,000 Synonyms from the database. 

Hence, you can go ahead with the paid plan that gives you complete access to the software with every feature.

content professor pricing

Quarterly: $9.99/month 

Monthly: $19.95/month 

Get a 100% Iron-clad guarantee for 60 days so that you can claim a refund if you are not satisfied.  

9. Prepost SEO 

Prepost Search Engine Optimization is a tool established by a Digital Marketing company in Pakistan. 

This device aids you in understanding synonyms, grammar errors, and plagiarism. Prepost intends to deliver top-notch, one-of-a-kind content for your Blog sites or Web site. 

You can use it to examine unrestricted posts in a day. However, you can enhance these evaluations’ quality and speed with a cost strategy. 

But Prepost Search Engine Optimization is not the very best paraphrasing device for which you need to be paying. However, their complementary solution is something that you can utilize for some time.


  • Straight upload files from your PC for paraphrasing. 
  • Search Engine Optimization optimized content Tools like Article rewriter, grammar mosaic, plagiarism mosaic, readability checker, key phrase thickness mosaic, and word counter for improved range. 
  • 100% plagiarism-free Content 


The device is entirely free to use with no limitation whatsoever. There are numerous choices if you prepare to sign up for this tool. You can either select the regular monthly or annual strategies.

Prepost SEO Best Spinbot Alternatives

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best Spinbot Alternative?

SpinRewriter and The Best Article Spinner 4 are tough to be the best alternative for Spinbot. You can try either of this software and mark my word, that you won’t be disappointed. 

2. Is rewriting software worth it?

Yes, this software is entirely worth it. They are not only a great software that can replace your content writer, but it also comes with tons of other tools that can give you more functionalities to customize and match it to your style.

3. Which is the Best Free alternative for Spinbot?

Many Rewriting software comes with a free version, but the best alternative for Spinbot is QuillBot that can generate more Human readable content that your users will engage with. 


With many Alternatives for Spinbot mentioned above, we hope you will find the best one based on your requirement and budget. 

All the products here are among the best ones available in the market, and you can rely on these services to generate high-quality content. 

Buying these services will maximize your efficiency in managing the other aspects necessary for internet marketing without having to worry about content writing. 

If you have any further recommendations or feedback, please share them in the comment section below. 

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