Best Rewording Tool to generate unique content

Are you looking for the best Rewording tool online? There are various tools available that could help you reword or paraphrase an article or content. 

But not every tool out there has the credibility to provide you with the best result. Hence, we are here to suggest some of the best tools that can fulfil your requirement. 

The efficiency of such Software can be determined based on how well it understands the intent and true meaning of the content. 

All of the tools mentioned here are equipped with advanced technology that helps them to understand the context and tone of every word, sentence, and paragraph. 

But you need to understand here that most of the so-called Free rewording tools in the market generate trash content that makes no sense at all.

So until and unless you are ready to pay for a tool with AI or advanced algorithms integrated, you won’t get the quality result. 

So, without any further ado, let’s get started. 

Which are the Best Rewording tool?

Best Paraphrasing Tool Free Trial Pricing Rating
Spin Rewriter5-Day Free TrialStarts @ $47/Mo 5/5
Spinner ChiefFree plan with Limited Features Starts @ $23/Mo3.5/5
Word AI3 Day FREE TrialMonthly: $49.95/ Mo
Yearly: $347/ Year
The Best Spinner30-day Moneyback GuaranteeStarts @ $67/year4.5/5
QuillbotFreemium Software Monthly: $4.95
Semi-Annually: $4.15 (save 16%)
Annually: $3.33 (save 32%)

1. Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter is one of the most reliable rewording tools you can use to generate unique copies of the content. Most content creators use this service for creating SEO-friendly content for their websites. 

Since the launch, Software has come a long way, and the latest SpinRewriter 11 is equipped with advanced algorithms that deliver the best results for its users. 

Spin Rewriter Rewording tool


  • It comes with ENL (emulated natural language) technology that helps extract the true meaning of the content. 
  • Generate 100s of content with a unique variety of content with a “one-click rewrite” or manually make changes as per the recommendations suggested by the Software. 
  • You can reword articles in Bulk using SpinRewriter to achieve more results in no time. 
  • Because of the Pexel integration in the Software, you can directly import related stock images in your content. 
  • Use it on multiple devices as Spinrewriter can be accessed remotely via the internet. You don’t need to install an application for Rewording your content. 
  • Easy to use interface allows anyone to start quickly. They also provide detailed video guides that can help if you are facing any issues. 


If your decision about subscribing to this product depends on pricing, you will probably be glad to know that SpinRewriter does not cost much compared to the features or value it provides. Their early plan is a must-grab for digital marketers or companies. 

Spin rewriter pricing

You can choose from among the following payment options: 

  • Monthly plan: $47
  • Yearly plan: $77
  • Lifetime Plan: $497 

I’ll be completely honest to you when I say that you shouldn’t take my word for subscribing to the Software; instead, try out the 5-day trial that this Software provides, and you’ll know for yourself. 

By chance, if you are not satisfied with their service, then you can cancel the subscription before the trial ends so that you won’t be charged. 

2. Spinnerchief 6 

Spinnerchief 6 is equipped with Artificial Intelligence that mimics the natural language flow and generates more human-readable content. 

Globally, SpinnerChief is used by more than 200,000 users that signify this tool’s quality and service. 

With the help of Statistical Replacement Technology (SRT), the tool replaces words, synonyms, and phrases with the most statistical alternative. 

Spinner Chief 6 best rewording tool


  • With just one click, you can rewrite words to generate unique sentences and paragraphs. 
  • You can even rewrite multiple articles at once to save time. 
  • SpinnerChief can be accessed with Mobiles, Laptops, tables, or a PC with an internet connection. 
  • There are various settings and customization available that allow you to control the rewriting procedure to generate more relevant content. 
  • With an Automatic grammar detection tool, you can make sure that you avoid grammatical mistakes. 
  • You can convert and save articles in different formats. The Software also enables you to share those blogs directly to your website. 
  • Supports more than 20 languages. 

Bonus: Once you subscribe for Spinnerchief 6, you get access to X-Spinner software that is worth $197 for free. 


Spinner Chief makes it easier for every type of user to choose a payment method that suits them. Hence, they have multiple payment options like: 

Spinner Chief 6 pricing

For Personal Use: There is a Free Version available with limited features while the Elite Version costs $88 one time fee

With some advanced features, another Ultimate Version is available for a $138 one-time fee. Other than that, there are some other payment options as well for this version;

Option 2: $46 per year 

Option 3: $23 per month 

Option 4: $7 for 3 days, then $53 per year

Option 5: $7 for 3 days, then $149 One time Fee 

3. Word AI

As the name suggests, this tool has Artificial intelligence integrated. The Software could generate articles that are more human-readable and engaging. 

You can automatically reword sentences or take control by making changes as per the suggestion provided by the Software. The content generated by Word AI has higher chances of ranking on Google for your targeted keywords. 

Best Rewording Tool WordAi


  • You can edit HTML content and reword articles directly in the WordAI default editor. 
  • Word AI can also be integrated with Article Forge (Article generator) to import content and repurpose them for your requirement. 
  • You can rewrite multiple articles at once using this Software. 
  • Those who are not comfortable with the English language can depend on it to rectify their grammar and spelling mistakes. 
  • Other than English, the Software also can be used in Spanish, French, and Italian. 
  • WordAI can be accessed from different types of devices as it is hosted on the cloud. 


With this Software, you will only get three days of the free trial, after which you can from the following payment options. 

Word AI pricing
  • Monthly plan for $49.95
  • Yearly plan for $347

4. The Best Spinner 4 

This tool is one of the best rewording tools that you could use for generating high-quality content. What makes it more efficient is that the tool uses accurate synonyms and grammar checks before an article is processed.

The Best Spinner 4 has all the ingredients of a powerful rewording tool and is used by more than 92,000+ users globally. 


  • Using the visual spinner, the article can be reworded super easily. 
  • You can even use this Software to translate content into 14 different languages. 
  • The Best Spinner 4 can generate 100s of variations of the same articles. 
  • Using text-to-speech technology, you can generate an audio file (mp3) of any given content or article.  
  • Their cloud-based thesaurus is updated regularly with new data to improve the quality of generated content. 
  • You can share your Articles directly on your WordPress website. 
  • Work on multiple forms of devices at once as there is no installation required. 

Bonuses: The best Spinner 4 comes with two bonuses 

  • $1500 worth of Spun articles for free. 
  • High-quality reusable images of 1.7 GB in size. 
TBS bonus
TBS bonus 2


This tool does not offer a free trial, but once you subscribe and are not satisfied with the service, you can claim a 100% refund within 30 days. 

the best spinner pricing

Basic: $67 per year

With 30 credits for audio conversion & translation. Remaining same as standard 

Standard: $127 per year 

  • 60 monthly credits for audio conversion & translation
  • MAC/PC/Tablet Compatible
  • Access to full seed content database
  • All bonuses

Pro: $247 per year 

With 240 credits for audio conversion & translation. Remaining same as standard 

5. Quillbot 

Quillbolt is another popular rewording tool as it offers a free version that you could use to start modifying any piece of content. 

This tool is equipped with Artificial Intelligence that provides it with the ability to rephrase a complete sentence and replace synonyms for a word. 

When you reword an Article using Quillbolt, you will have 100% plagiarism-free and unique content. The free version has its limitation, and you will be able to use the tool for up to 5000 summarizer character limit. 

Quillbot best rewording tool


  • Take control of the rewording process and customize the number of changes you want in your content. 
  • You can compare side by side your original content with the new one to better understand the changes made by the tool. 
  • Comes with easy integration for Google Docs and as an extension for chrome. This allows you to quickly access the tool to start rewording content. 
  • It has an AI-powered thesaurus that works on improving the quality of content you generate using the tool. 
  • There are multiple modes available like Creative +, Shorten and expand that you can use to set the right tone for your content. 


QuillBot is free to use, but you can upgrade to the paid plans to avail yourself of more premium features. 

Quillbot pricing

That offers you;

  • 25000 Summarizer character limit
  • 10000 Paraphraser character limit
  • 15 Sentences processed at once
  • 4 Synonyms options
  • 7 Writing modes
  • Unlimited Freeze Words and phrases
  • Compare Modes (only on Desktop)
  • See longest unchanged words
  • Google Chrome & Doc Extensions

The paid plans are billed at: 

Monthly: $4.95/Mo

Semi-Annual: $24.95

Annually: $39.95

By any chance, if you are not satisfied with the product, then you can claim a 100% refund under the money-back guarantee scheme within 3 days. 


We hope that you could find the best rewording tool among the ones mentioned here. These are no doubt some of the best tools available online for rewording your content. 

Make sure that you take a free trial before subscribing to the Software and understand its applicability. 

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