Best Ubersuggest Alternatives in 2021 [Free & Paid]

Best Ubersuggest alternatives

Looking for a Ubersuggest alternative?

Are you using Ubersuggest for your Keyword research? Well, Ubersuggest is not the only software that you can use to access reliable data for Keyword, Competitor, and Backlink research. 

If you are also looking for Ubersuggest Alternatives, then you are at the right place. We are here to help you find out the best tools to make your SEO efforts more relentless. 

Do you know that tools like Ubersuggest do not necessarily provide you with accurate data? The reason being None of these tools have access to user search queries as Google does. 

Hence, the figures shown in search volumes or domain authority are just an estimation of what it may be. That’s why search volume on all these tools for the same keyword differs at times. 

We have listed some of the best tools that deliver SEO data estimation most accurately to help you in keyword research, finding content ideas, backlink tracking, site audit, etc. 

What is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is a great tool for a beginner who is just getting started with SEO by entering the blogging world. The tools can be used free of cost but for limited Search queries only.

The tool was acquired by a well-known Digital Marketer, Neil Patel, in 2017; it was completely revamped with new features and interface. 

Neil Patel made it easier for new Digital marketers who wanted a tool to help them rank on Google. But with time, UberSuggest has limited the number of Free search queries per user, and currently, you can exhaust your limit just after three searches. 

Why do you need an Alternative?

For many, Ubersuggest is no longer a tool used to be for the value it provided free of cost as historical data is also limited now. But now, you’ll need to have a paid subscription to get access to all features with unlimited queries. 

Even the features available on the tools are pretty limited when compared with some of its competitors. Using this tool, you can track the website’s traffic, ranking keywords, top pages, and analyze top keywords to generate content and keyword ideas. Also, Backlink profile and SEO health can be measured.

However, Ubersuggest lacks in-depth technical SEO metrics, social media tracking, brand monitoring features, Content Gap, PPC, etc.  

So, UberSuggest does not seem like a viable option when you are missing out on critical features. So it’s better to look out for an alternative that has more to offer. 

Which are the Best Ubersuggest alternatives?

Alternatives Pricing Rating
SemrushPro: $119.95/month
Guru: $229.95/month
Business: $449.95/month
AhrefsLite: $99
Standard: $179
Advanced: $399
Agency: $999
MangoolsBasic: $29.90 per month
Premium: $39.90 per month
Agency: $79.90
SE RankingOPTIMUM: $31/month
PLUS: $71/month
ENTERPRISE: $151/month
LongTail ProStarter: $25.90/month & $207.90/year
Pro: $46.90/month & 375.90/year
SERPStatLite: $55/month
Standard: $119/month
Advanced: $239/month
Enterprise: $399/month
Morning ScoreLite: $56/mo
Business: $95/mo
Pro: $174/mo
SpyFuBasic: $33/mo or $39/year
Professional: $58/mo or $79/year
Team: $199/mo or $299/year

1. Semrush

There’s no way that you haven’t heard about this software before. Semrush is one of the most reliable, trusted, accurate, and simply the best SEO toolkit that can do wonders for your online growth. 

The software is trusted by more than 5 million marketers and businesses globally. We recommend this tool with the greatest regard, and it is one of the perfect alternatives for Ubersuggest. 

Semrush Ubersuggest Alternative


  • It helps you in keyword research by providing critical metrics like Search Volume, Difficulty, CPC, Competition, etc. 
  • You can accurately analyze your Websites Traffic, Traffic Worth, Page Rankings, SERP features, and more. 
  • Perform in-depth competitor analysis to find out the Keywords and Backlink gap with your website. 
  • You can perform a Backlink Audit to understand the strength of your backlink profile. 
  • Analyze your On-page SEO metric and make improvements as per the suggestion to rank higher on Google. 
  • You can check the Overall technical SEO health by doing a complete Site audit. 
  • Get access to a link-building tool that can help you improve your Domain Authority. 
  • Analyze Social Media to improve the presence of your campaigns. 
  • Create an Advertising strategy by finding out PPC keywords, Display Advertising research, PLA, etc. 
  • Improve your content marketing by using tools like Topic research, SEO writing assistant, Brand Monitoring, Post Tracking, Content Audit, etc. 


After considering all these features, the SemRush pricing plan ought to be higher than that of Ubersuggest. There are multiple plans that you can choose from to get complete access to the software. 

Semrush Pricing

Free Trial: With the Free trial, you can immediately get access to all the features after signup but for 7 days only. 

Pro: $119.95/month 

  • SEO, PPC, and SMM projects with 40+ advanced tools. 

Guru: $229.95/month

  • All the Pro features plus: Content Marketing Platform, Historical Data, Extended limits, Google Data Studio Integration

Business: $449.95/month

  • All the Guru features plus: API access, Extended limits and sharing options, Google Data Studio Integration, Share of Voice metric.

Why use Semrush as an Ubersuggest Alternative?

Unlike Ubersuggest, Semrush is a complete digital marketing suite that could let you track advanced metrics like competitors PPC, Social Media and more. The data provided by Semrush are more accurate as compared to Ubersuggest.

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is another excellent platform that provides you with SEO-related metrics with tons of features that cannot be found on any other software. When creating a list for any SEO Tool alternative, you cannot miss mentioning this tool. Hence, Ahrefs is an excellent alternative for Ubersuggest. 

Moreover, Ahrefs is used by Global giants like Netflix, Uber, Adobe, Pinterest, etc., for their marketing purposes. 

Ahrefs Ubersuggest alternative


  • Tools like Keywords Explorer lets you identify Keyword Difficulty, Volume, CPC, Related phrases, SERP Overview. 
  • It has a robust database of 3 billion keywords that keeps on expanding to provide you accurate results. 
  • You get access to free learning material to understand more about how Ahrefs can help you grow digitally. 
  • Perform a site Audit to analyze the overall Technical On-page and Off-page SEO metrics. 
  • Check the keywords that your website ranks for in different countries. 
  • Understand your Backlink profile and take the necessary steps to improve them. 
  • The content gap tool can help you identify the keywords that your competitors rank for, and you don’t. 
  • Get detailed reports about the Top pages of the website and the amount of traffic that they generate. 
  • Enter your competitor’s website to analyze their Ranking Keywords, Organic traffic, Backlink profile, etc. 


Ahrefs can be used free of cost to get key SEO metrics for the websites you own with limited access to featured tools. However, you can try out the complete software for 7 days by paying $7 only. 

Ahref Pricing

There are multiple plans with different sets of tools and features that you can subscribe to monthly and yearly. With the annual plan, you can get 2 months of free access. 

Lite: $99

Standard: $179

Advanced: $399

Agency: $999

Here is a detailed list of features that you can avail yourself of with these plans. 

Why use Ahrefs as an Ubersuggest Alternative?

Ahrefs has a huge database of Indexed URLs which gives it an edge over Ubersuggest to provide more accurate metrics. Moreover, you can perform a complete Site Audit for your website free of cost.

3. Mangaloos 

Mangaloos is one of the most trusted SEO toolkits used by Digital marketers like Bryan Dean from Backlinko and Gael Breton from Authority Hacker.

Since the Software launch in 2014, this product has gained a considerable market share because of its accurate reports and helpful tools that fulfil every requirement. 

Many global brands like Airbnb and Adidas use Mangaloos for Digital marketing and SEO purposes. 

Mangools as Ubersuggest alternative


  • Mangaloos has an interactive and user-friendly UI that makes things easier for every marketer, whether an expert or a beginner. 
  • It helps you find long-tail keywords with perfect search volume, CPC, Difficulty level that you can rank for. 
  • You can analyze the total SERP result with insights from different countries and locations. 
  • Keywords rank tracking, and the number of keywords a website ranks for are mostly accurate. 
  • Mangaloos has a Chrome and Firefox extension using which you can analyze the details of the website you visit using your browser. 
  • Using the Backlink tracker, you can find out backlinking opportunities. 


Mangaloos also offers multiple plans with different sets of features and tools. You can subscribe for either Monthly or the Annual plan. 

Save up to 40% with the Annual Subscription. 

Mongools pricing

Basic: $29.90 per month

Premium: $39.90 per month

Agency: $79.90

Get access to the software before subscribing with the 10-day Free trial where no credit card will be required. Once you are satisfied, you can go ahead and purchase one of the plans. We would recommend the Mangools premium plan as it offers a great set of features at an affordable price. 

Why use Mangools as an Ubersuggest alternative?

Mangools is a much more user-friendly and interactive tool for Beginners and provides significant value when compared to Ubersuggest.

4. SE Ranking

This is another Digital Marketing toolkit that is an excellent alternative for Ubersuggest. SE Ranking is well suited for Marketing professionals, businesses, bloggers, and even beginners.

It has not been in the market for a very long time like some of its competitors, but still, it has managed to gain a solid user base of 300,000 globally, which includes some MNCs.

The reason why SE ranking has gained such massive popularity quickly is the efficiency of the features and accuracy of data that this tool provides.

SE Ranking as Ubersuggest alternative


  • SE Ranking helps you find your competitor’s key metrics like Keywords, Top Pages, Domain Authority, Backlink profile, and much more. 
  • It has a better Rank, Keyword, Backlink tracking ability than Ubersuggest. You can track details of Google SERPs of different countries. 
  • SE Ranking has a massive database of 2 Billion keywords, so you’ll get better metrics and keyword suggestions. 
  • Perform a complete website Audit to find out the areas of improvement. You can also look out for errors regarding your On-page SEO. 
  • Find out your competitor’s area of promotion using the PPC research tool.
  • All these SEO Data can be extracted for personal use through the API scripts.  
  • Using the keyword grouper tool, you can look out for precise keyword grouping to segment them into different categories. 
  • The software is easy to use, and available on AppStore and Google play to download and access your smartphones. 
  • Identify any changes in content, meta tags, links, robots.txt, index status. 


SE Ranking is one of the most affordable software that provides you with these many features. Before subscribing to this software, you’ll have to determine the frequency of ranking checks, i.e., how often you’ll be using the tool to check your rankings. These checks can be performed Daily, Every 3 days, and weekly by SE Ranking to keep track of your progress.  

By choosing 3 day or weekly checks, you save 10% and 20% respectively on the overall price.

The subscription is offered Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly, 9-Months, and Yearly with up to 20% discount. 

There are three types of plans with different sets of features. The more price you pay, the more features you’ll get with the subscription. 

SE Ranking pricing

OPTIMUM: $31/month

  • 10 Websites
  • Website Audit for 25,000 pages
  • Monitor 5,000 backlinks
  • Check backlinks for 20 domains/day & More

PLUS: $71/month

  • Unlimited number of websites
  • Website Audit for 150,000 pages
  • Monitor 25,000 backlinks
  • Check backlinks for 100 domains/day & More

ENTERPRISE: $151/month

  • Unlimited number of websites
  • Website Audit for 250,000 pages
  • Monitor 75,000 backlinks
  • Check backlinks for 300 domains/day & More

Why choose SE Ranking as an Ubersuggest alternative?

SE Ranking is an effective All-in-one SEO Suite that is equipped with tons of features and tools far more superior than what is provided by Ubersuggest. The data provided by SE Ranking is backed by its database of 2 Billion keywords.

5. LongTailPro

As the name suggests, LongTail Pro is a great tool to find long-tail keywords. Such keywords have a better probability of ranking on search engines because of low competition. 

The software provides you with accurate insights & statistics that you need, making it one of the best alternatives for Ubersuggest. 

However, LongTail Pro is not a complete marketing suite like some of the earlier software. But this may fulfil your requirement of keyword research and tracking. 

Longtail pro Ubersuggest alternative


  • Easily find relevant keywords with hundreds of suggestions. 
  • You can find keywords based on different languages and locations. 
  • The software is capable of providing insights about Competitors based on 13 different metrics. 
  • It helps you determine the profitability of Keywords and rank value. 
  • Get updated metrics about ranking daily. 
  • Learn more about the software and its applicabilities using the extensive training material provided along with the software. 
  • Save your website as a Project to get daily updates of changes in rank.  


Just like other software, LongTail Keyword Pro also offers multiple payment options. This tool is perfect for Bloggers and Website owners who want to gain organic traffic from Search engines. Hence, the pricing is based upon the number of keywords you will be searching for monthly. 

You can try out LongTail Keyword Pro with the 7-day free trial; all you have to do is Sign up. They are currently offering 30% OFF on every plan, so hurry up before it expires. 

Longtail Pro Pricing

Starter: $25.90/month & $207.90/year

  • 800 Keywords lookup per day
  • Unlimited Domain Tracking
  • 1 Users login
  • Daily Rank Updates & More

Pro: $46.90/month & 375.90/year

  • 2500 Keywords lookup per day
  • Unlimited Domain Tracking
  • 2 User login
  • Daily Rank Updates & More. 

Why choose LongTail Pro as an Ubersuggest alternative?

LongTail Pro much like UberSuggest helps you find the Keywords to rank for but it has a much more advanced Competitors analysis tool.

6. Serpstat

Serpstat is another complete SEO platform that provides you high quality and accurate data for improving your ranking and SEO metrics. 

The software was first launched in 2013 for providing Ukraine-specific keywords, but now Serpstat caters to a bigger audience globally. They have an active user base of 360,000. 

It has emerged as an excellent alternative for Freelancers and bloggers who were earlier dependent on Ubersuggest. 

Some of the big brands that use the service frequently for their SEO improvements are L’oreal, Samsung, Philips, Lenovo, etc.

serpstat Ubersuggest alternative


  • Get complete SERP results with accurate, advanced analytics along with historic data. 
  • You can group keywords in different categories using Tags for better analysis. 
  • Identify your competitor’s strategy for backlinking and access their backlink data for the last two years. 
  • Perform keyword research using a URL or find new opportunities in different niches. 
  • Find Question queries related to the keywords that users are looking for on search engines. 
  • Find suggestions and related keywords that can be used in your blogs. 
  • Perform a complete Site audit to identify the technical On-page errors, Ranking keywords, Website traffic, and more. 
  • Your keyword’s position can be tracked in different countries. 


As Serpstat is a complete SEO marketing suite with tons of features, its pricing is not that high. Moreover, as an UberSuggest alternative, you can use Serpstat free of cost with some limited features. 

All the plans offered by Serpstat have some of the other features. So based upon your requirement, you can subscribe to any of them. Don’t forget that by subscribing to the Annual plan you can avail a discount of 20%. 

Serpstat pricing

Lite: $55/month 

Best Suited for Blogger and Freelancers. 

Standard: $119/month

Ideal for a small marketing agency, 3 user access. 

Advanced: $239/month

Best suited for Big companies and agencies, 5 user access. 

Enterprise: $399/month

Perfect for industry leaders, 7 user access.

Why choose Serpstat as an Ubersuggest alternative?

When compared with Ubersuggest, Serpstat has a huge user base including some of the globally reputed brands. It can be used free of cost with limited features and you can perform a Site audit for your websites.

7. Morningscore

Morningscore is one of the newest SEO marketing suites that offer great analysis of keywords and websites. The software was first launched in 2018, but they have gained a massive following because of their vital SEO metrics. 

Morningscore has all the ability to be used as an Ubersuggest alternative. 

Morning score


  • Track your SEO effort with daily reports on keywords rank changes and technical On-page errors. 
  • Easy to use and interactive dashboard which beginners can use. 
  • Analyze, track and monitor your competitors in just a few clicks. 
  • Perform a backlink audit and identify areas to improve your backlink audit. 
  • Setup missions and goals of your project and track progress. 
  • Easy keyword management along with accurate keyword suggestions. 
  • Analyze competitor’s PPC strategy. 


For Morningscore subscriptions, there are three types of paid plans available to provide you with a different set of features. However, you can try out the 14-day trial before to get an understanding of the software.

Morning Score Pricing

Lite: $56/mo

  • 100 Keywords
  • 5 websites 
  • 1 user

Business: $95/mo 

  • 500 Keywords
  • 25 websites 
  • 3 users

Pro: $174/mo 

  • 2000 Keywords
  • 75 websites
  • 10 users

Why use Morningscore as an Ubersuggest alternative?

MorningScore lets you analyse competitors strategies, ranking keywords, top pages, monthly traffic, traffic worth and more. You can also easily manage keywords in different categories, unlike Ubersuggest.

8. SpyFu

SpyFu is a great tool to find out competitors’ strategies so that you can do a better job of outranking them. The software is restricted to finding out your competitors’ details, but it has more features to offer that helps you in overall SEO improvement. 

Using Spyfu, you can track the PPC campaigns of your competitors and build a better one. 

Spyfu as a Ubersuggest alternative


  • Has indexed over 7 billion results across 107 million domains. This ensures that the metrics you receive are accurate.  
  • Track your rankings of your Paid and organic keywords across Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 
  • Monitor and understand the strategy of your PPC competitors. 
  • You can even track competitors’ Google Ads campaign and Ad test history. 
  • Get insights about the keywords that your competitors are ranking, but you are not. 
  • Track the competitor’s backlinks by keyword and outrank them by building a solid backlink profile. 
  • Get PPC and SEO SERP analysis to find specific ranking factors for each keyword. 
  • Find the most profitable keywords in your niche for better PPC targeting.
  • Check out the result of every Ad test run ever to learn from the successes and avoid mistakes. 


Spyfu offers multiple payment plans that you can choose from, but no matter what plan you choose, you’ll get unlimited access to all data (billed annually and monthly).

However, there is no Free or Trial available for trying out the product before subscribing. But don’t worry, your investment will be covered with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. 

Spyfu Pricing

Basic: $33/mo or $39/year 

Professional: $58/mo or $79/year

Team: $199/mo or $299/year

Why use Spyfu as an Ubersuggest alternative?

Spyfu is an advanced SEO suite that cannot be compared at all with the likes of Ubersuggest. There’s nothing much offered by Ubersuggest that can be compared with a tool like Spyfu.


With all this Software, you can pick anyone based upon your requirement and budget as an Ubersuggest alternative. 

But before you subscribe for any of these SEO suites, try out the Free trial if available to get to know more about the software’s usability. 

After reading this article, we can confidently say that you will find the best alternative for Ubersuggest. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any doubts or suggestions. 

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