Best Hidemyass Alternatives [Free and Paid]

Best hidemyass alternative

Are you looking for a Hidemyass alternative that can be better in terms of connectivity, security, speed, and reliability?

If that is the case, then you have arrived at the right place. Here we have discussed some of the best Hidemyass alternatives that will help you browse the internet safely. 

We all know how insecure the internet could get, but what measure do we take? A single click on an untrusted link, and you could say goodbye to your privacy. 

But thanks to some encrypted VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), you can disguise your IP address to browse the internet securely. 

The tricky part is understanding how you can pick the best VPN from the ones available in the market. 

If you are already using HideMyAss, you’ll be pleased to know that there are better and more secure alternatives available to provide you with a better security layer. 

Here we have curated a list of 5 different VPN services you could use as a HideMyAss alternative. 

But for those who are still wondering what HideMyAss is, here’s a little overview. 

What is Hidemyass?

HidemyAss is one of the oldest and popular VPN services with one of the world’s largest network. The software is compatible with multiple devices like Windows, macOS, iOS, TV, Gaming Consoles, etc. 

In 2015, HidemyAss was acquired by AVG Technologies, and Avast acquired AVG in 2016. Hidemyass was later renamed as HMA VPN.

HMA was one of the best VPS out in the market, but with time the competition has outgrown Hidemyass by providing better quality services that are more secure and reliable. 

Here are some of the reasons why HMA has lost its ground as the best VPN Service: 

  • HMA may disappoint many users in pricing as the product’s value is not appropriate for the price charged. 
  • Hidemyass fails to block services like BBC, iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ in various regions. 
  • The software keeps a connection log, unlike most of the VPN services out there. 
  • Connecting to a fast and Secure network is sometimes a hassle. Moreover, the fast servers are not that fast. 
  • Because of the buggy “kill switch”, sometimes IP leaks may happen.
  • There are unlimited configuration settings available.
  • In the past, Hidemyass has shared information with governments that contradicts your privacy.

Which are the best HideMyAss Alternatives?

Top Alternatives Pricing Rating
NordVPN1 month plan: $11. 95
1 year plan: $4.92/month (Save 58%)
2 Plan: $3.71/month (Save 68%)
Express VPNOne Month: $12.95
6 Months: $9.99
12 Months: $8.32 (saves 32%)
Hotspot ShieldPremium: $7.99/mo
Premium Family: $11.99/mo
IP VanishFirst TIme user: $44.99/yr
Others: $89.99/yr
Pure VPN1 Month: $10.95 (No Discount)
1 Year: $69.95 (47% OFF)
2 Year: $80 (70% OFF)
Cyber GhostMonthly subscription – $12.99/month
Annual subscription – $3.99/month
2-year subscription – $3.49/month
3-year subscription (+3 months free) – $2.25/month
Hide.meOne month: $12.95/mo
6 Month: $6.65/mo
One Year: $3.00/mo
Vypr VPN2 months (Includes 1 free month): $6.47/mo
18 Months (Includes 6 free months): $2.50/mo
36 months (Includes 12 free months): $1.67/mo

1. Nord VPN

Nord VPN is one of the most reputed and secured VPN services available right now in the market. They have somewhere around 5,400+ servers spread across 59 countries. Nord VPN creates a strongly encrypted tunnel that connects your Personal information, work-related files, and, most importantly, your internet connection. 

This service was awarded as the best VPN for privacy in 2019 by the ProPrivacy Awards.

NordVPN Hidemyass alternatives


  • The virtual private networks maintain a healthy & fast speed across your usage. 
  • There is a strict no-logs policy followed by the company, which means your internet activities cannot be traced back to you.
  • Enjoy high speed streaming with full HD or 4K resolution without any interruption. 
  • With one subscription, you can use nordVPN on multiple devices, including smartphones, laptops, television, gaming consoles. (up to 6 devices)
  • The kill switch feature ensures that your data is not exposed even for a second. 
  • Get a dedicated IP that you will only use. 
  • Easily mask your IP so that no one can track your activities. 
  • It can be combined with the onion router browser for enhanced encryption and security. 
  • Easily block malware and unnecessary ads while surfing the internet. 
  • With split tunnelling support, you can keep using the local network while being on the virtual network. 


NordVPN is one of the fastest VPN services on the planet offers multiple payment options. You can opt either for a monthly, yearly or two yearly plan. With the two year plan, you can get a 68% OFF along with a gift on top. 

NordVPN price

One month plan: $11. 95

One year plan: $ 4.92/month (Save 58%)

Two Year Plan: $3.71/month (Save 68%)

In case if you are still not satisfied with the service provided by Nord VPN, you can get a full refund as there is a 30-day money-back guarantee scheme in place. 

2. Express VPN

Express VPN is another popular service that you can subscribe to as a Hidemyass alternative. They have 3000+ Express VPN servers spread across 94 countries in 161 different locations. 

There is no doubt that in terms of speed & security, Express VPN will fail to impress. Express VPN is not only an excellent HideMyAss alternative, but it is an overall best VPN Service as it has been rated 4.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot. 

Express VPN Hidemyass alternatives


  • It is Advanced Encryption Standard encryption that encrypts your traffic between secure VPN servers. 
  • The software also has a network lock “kill switch,” which secures your data until the VPN Protection is restored. 
  • Easily access different streaming portals and services that are inaccessible in your area. 
  • Unblocks your internet abilities to access the world wide web to its fullest. 
  • With the TrustedServer security feature, you can add a layer of security and privacy. 
  • Express VPN secures your DNS query by running its encrypted DNS on VPN servers. 
  • It does not keep an active connection log of your activities. 
  • Using the split tunnelling feature, you can access both virtual and local networks at the same time. 
  • Just like Hidemyass, Express VPN is also compatible with different types of devices. 


Express VPN provides more value when compared with the price they charge for different payment plans. All plans include all ExpressVPN apps, 24/7 customer support, and high-speed unlimited bandwidth.

Express VPN Pricing

One Month: $12.95

6 Months: $9.99

12 Months: $8.32 (saves 32%)

Your money is secured with the 30-day money-back guarantee scheme, so you can try out the software and then decide if it lives up to the expectation. 

3. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is one of the oldest VPN services in the market. It has a great list of features that make it one of the most competitive Hidemyass alternatives. 

The best thing about hotspot is that it offers a fast and stable connection with military-grade encryption. 

Hotspot Shield has VPN servers spread across 80+ countries and in 35+ cities. 

Hidemyass alternatives


  • Given stream download or game on different servers across the globe with blazing fast speed. 
  • Hotspot Shield does not keep a log of your internet activity so that nothing can be traced back to you. 
  • One account can be used on five different devices, including a Smart TV, Windows, iOS, Mac OS and more. 
  • The software also protects your device from malware. 
  • You can securely Browse the internet using different IP addresses. 


Hotspot Shield is one of the best free VPN that you can use as a Hidemyass alternative. The free plan allows you to access VPN from the United States and can be used for one device. 

While the paid plans are available for Monthly or Annual subscription. 

Save up to 40% with the Annual Subscription. 

Hotspot shield price

Premium: $7.99/mo 

  • 5 devices
  • Optimized for Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Disney+ and more
  • Ultra-fast speeds, up to 1 Gbps
  • Unlimited Data

Premium Family: $11.99/mo 

  • 25 devices, 5 for each family member account
  • Optimized for Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Disney+ and more
  • Ultra-fast speeds, up to 1 Gbps
  • Unlimited Data

4. IP Vanish

IP Vanish is another VPN Service Provider that can be used as a Hidemyass alternative. It has servers in more than 60 countries with up to 40000 IPs.

The service has been featured on Forbes, Huffpost, CNN and some other publications for its security and fast speed capabilities. 


  • You can secure Browser internet using different IP as IP Vanish provides strong encryption for privacy and security. 
  • This VPN can also be used on multiple devices, just like Hidemyass. 
  • Using this service, you can bypass censorship and easily access content restricted in your region. 
  • The service can be used on Android or iOS devices using the application downloaded from the native Store. 
  • High security is maintained to ensure your files in data are not prone to hackers. 
  • Even if you are using public Wi-Fi, your connection will be secured if IP vanish is turned on. 


IP vanish does not offer a free trial for free access to the software. To get started with the service, you will have to subscribe to the monthly or yearly plan that gives you access to an encrypted and secure Internet connection at a reasonably low price.

IP Vanish Hidemyass alternatives

First-time users can avail of the service at $5/mo for the first month & $9.99 after that. Similarly, the annual subscription will cost $44.99 and then $89.99 per year. 

 However, you can try out the product risk-free as there is a 30-day money-back guarantee available for the annual subscription. 

5. PureVPN

Pure VPN is owned by a software company in Hong Kong that started this service back in 2007. This is another excellent alternative for Hidemyass. 

Pure VPN has 6500 plus service trade across 40 countries, making it fast, reliable and secure for the people using it to protect their privacy.



  • Your activities on the internet are encrypted with advanced security standards of 256-bit encryption. 
  • Pure VPN offers DNS and IPv6 leak protection. 
  • You can stream access to the internet with unlimited bandwidth.
  • Pure VPN does not keep a lot or track of your usage, so there’s no way of tracking your activities online. 
  • Split tunnelling feature is also available through which you Split and route your traffic through both local and Virtual private networks. 
  • With the kill switch feature’s help, your identity is maintained undisclosed when VPN disconnects. 
  • A single account can be used on ten different devices that means you can enjoy security and privacy no matter which device you use. 


You can try out Pure VPN with a seven-day trial that will only cost $0.99, and if you decide to subscribe, you can get an additional 47% off on the 1-year plan.  

However, every plan is covered by the 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service provided. 

Pure VPN price

1 Month: $10.95 (No Discount)

1 Year: $69.95 (47% OFF)

2 Year: $80 (70% OFF) 

You can avail yourself of an excellent deal if you subscribe to the two-year plan. 

6. CyberGhost

Cyberghost is a VPN software that can visit blocked websites and services without revealing your identity. 

The service offers tons of features and accessibility by using the internet, making it one of the best Hidemyass alternatives. They have more than 1000 plus service across 30 countries. 



  • Cyberghost provides you with military-grade 256-bit encryption that secures your data from your internet service providers. 
  • You can even safely use public Wi-Fi using CyberGhost VPN without revealing your identity. 
  • This VPN service does not keep any log of your internet activities when VPN is turned on. 
  • Any private information shared on the internet is prone to hackers, but CyberGhost helps you secure that data. 
  • Even the slightest interruption in encryption will enable the kill switch to disconnect the internet and save your identity. 
  • You can have yourself a dedicated IP that will only be available to you to browse the internet. 
  • The software can exist on multiple devices, including Smart TV, gaming consoles, Windows, Mac OS, IOS, Android etc. 


Cyberghost VPN is one of the best VPN service providers you can subscribe to as an Hidemyass alternative. There are monthly, annual plans and two-year & three-year plans available with a heavy discount. 

Monthly subscription – $12.99/month

Annual subscription – $3.99/month (billed $47.88 annually)

2-year subscription – $3.49/month (billed $83.76 every 2 years)

3-year subscription (+3 months free) – $2.25/month (billed $87.75 every 3 years)

There is a 14-day money-back guarantee with the monthly plan, while the other programs offer a 45-day guarantee.

7. is another excellent alternative for Hidemyass as it offers fast connectivity on virtual networks. They have a 1900+ server in 75 different locations that make it easier for you to enjoy uninterrupted streaming and browsing.

With unlimited bandwidth, you can enjoy and browse the internet without any interruptions.


  • It offers secure AES-256 encryption to protect all of your internet activity and buries it down below several layers of security. 
  • You can set up on your home router to ensure security and encryption on all connected devices. 
  • Access websites all across the globe which are restricted in your region. 
  • Software is compatible with different devices, including Smart TV, Gaming consoles, Laptops, mobile phones etc. 
  • comes with a new and revolutionary VPN protocol technology WireGuard, that accelerates speed and simplicity.
  • Browse the internet with unique IP addresses that cannot be traced back to you.
  • They do not log any track of your internet activities. 
  • Using the split tunnelling feature, you can access virtual networks on select applications or browsers while maintaining the Local Network.
  • Governments or companies cannot ask me to to share personal data because they don’t have any. 
  • DNS servers used by ISP are usually vulnerable, has Own DNS on every server for better security and privacy. 


Like most VPN service providers, also provides you with a Monthly, Semi-annually or Yearly plan. price

One month: $12.95/mo

6 Month: $6.65/mo (Billed $39.95 every 6 months)

One Year: $3.00/mo (Billed $45.00 every 12 months)

There is a 30-day question asked money-back guarantee so that you can try out the software worry-free. 

8. VyprVPN

VyprVPN has a great set of features that makes it an excellent alternative for Hidemyass. They provide a fast and reliable connection through which you can easily access the World Wide Web to its full extent. 

With their exclusively developed VPN protocol, “Chameleon”, VyprVPN has become one of the fast VPN service providers.  


  • VyprVPN can handle up to 5 simultaneous connections on the private network using the same account. 
  • They have 70+ global servers with over 700+ total servers and 200,000+ international IP addresses spread across different locations worldwide. 
  • You can enjoy uninterrupted streaming, downloading, and browsing without having to reveal your identity. 
  • VyprVPN has a strict No-Log policy which means the company does not save your data. 
  • You can choose among multiple encryption options such as OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, and Chameleon. 
  • The VPN provides you High-End Encryption/NAT Firewall. 
  • Kill Switch automatically blocks all internet and network traffic when VyprVPN disconnects to secure your privacy. 


VyprVPN is an inexpensive VPN service that can be used with multiple devices using the same account. Hence, there is a tremendous overall value provided with the service. 

Vypr price

2 months (Includes 1 free month): $6.47/mo ($12.95 billed every 2 months)

18 Months (Includes 6 free months): $2.50/mo ($45.00 billed every 18 months)

36 months (Includes 12 free months): $1.67/mo ($60.00 billed every 36 months)


All the VPN services discussed above offers the best quality service and can be used as an alternative for Hidemyass. You can try out the software for yourself with the free trial and then subscribe afterwards.

If you think we’ve missed out on some of the VPN service providers that should’ve been on the list, then feel free to contact us with your suggestion.

We hope this article helped you find a suitable Alternative for Hidemyass.

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