Best Bulk (Mass) Emailing Softwares [Free and Paid]

Best Bulk Emailing Softwares

Are you planning to strengthen your Email Marketing strategy for 2021 and looking for the Best Bulk Emailing softwares? You have reached your destination.

We understand how important it is to collect emails to promote your products and services with your subscribers. 

To make things easier for you, we have listed some of the best mass email services that will help you achieve your goals.

But before we dive into the list of such services, let’s first understand;

The Importance of Email Marketing

Many people argue that email marketing is dying or is already dead. But the fact is daily emails continue to grow worldwide, and recent surveys have found out that around 126 Business emails are sent daily. The average Email open rate remains somewhere between 20-40%

There are huge chances that if you start sending promotional emails to your subscriber’s lists, it will be noticed and could provide you a great return on investment. To be accurate in the United States, you can witness upto 4300% ROI.

Sending Bulk emails to a massive subscribers list is not something that you could do manually, and that’s where these Emailing services come into the picture. 

Using the right service will increase revenue and create a brand image and reputation. This will make you stand out against your competitors!

Now we don’t think you would find any reason not to go ahead and sign up for one of such services right away! 

Here are a few things to keep in mind before selecting your Mass email Service provider. 

What to expect from a good Bulk Email Services?

There are plenty of things that these services can offer you apart from sending emails in bulk;

  • Assured Inbox Deliverability of Emails 
  • Analytical reports and statistics
  • Campaign Automation 
  • Subscribers List management 
  • Speedy Delivery 
  • Customizable and Intuitive templates
  • APIs for Web and App integration

Now that you have some clarity about these Emailing service providers. 

Let’s get started!

Which is the Best Bulk (Mass) Emailing software?

Bulk Emailing SoftwareFree Trial PricingRating
Constant ContactFree of cost for the first month Starts @ $20/Mo4.5/5
SendinBlueFree Forever plan (300/day) Starts @ 25/Mo 4.5/5
Mail ChimpFree Forever plan up to 2000 contacts Starts @ 9.99/Mo 3.5/5
Convert KitFree Forever plan (upto 1000 subscribers) Starts @ 25/Mo 3.5/5
PepipostFree 30000 emails for 1st Month. 100/day afterwards Starts @ $17.5/Mo for 150K Emails 3/5
Mail GunFree 5000 emails/ Mo for 3 months Starts @ 35/Mo for 50K Emails 3/5
SendgridFree Forever plan (6000 emails/mo) Starts @ $15/Mo 4.5/5
SendPulseFree plan (15000/Mo for a subscribers list of 500 emails) Start @ $6.4/Mo 4.5/5
Get Response30-day free trial Starts @ $15/Mo 4/5

1. Constant Contact

We will start this list with Constant contact service that is one of the most considerable bulk emailing software globally. 

Their service is best suited for Email Marketing and can add value in Social Media Marketing, Website development, and setting up an eCommerce store. This makes Constant Contact software a complete online marketing solution. 


  • High Email deliverability 
  • Send email to Welcome new subscribers, send order summary, and resend emails to non-openers. 
  • It comes with a robust list-building tool that can help you grow your contact lists. 
  • Social Media post scheduling and analytics to attract more eyeballs to your business. 
  • Create interactive Facebook and Instagram ads.
  • Easy drag and drop builder to create unique-looking email templates. 
  • Access to thousands of pre-designed templates that can be further customized as per your requirement.  
  • Free library with access to tons of images. 
  • Easy integration for Shopify Store. 
  • Contact list management. 
  • A/B testing to maximize your open rate. 
  • Online training material available to learn and make the best use of their service. 
  • Real-time tracking of emails to get the best results. 


Constant Contact provides you with the service Free of cost for the first month, and the best thing is you can send emails to up to a list of 50,000 contacts in this plan.

The basic plan starts at $20/Month for a list of up to 500 subscribers. You can subscribe and pay in advance for 6 or 12 months and pay up to 15%.

2. SendinBlue

SendinBlue dominates the Email marketing segment as their high-quality product can do it all and prove great value to marketers.

Just like Constant Contact, SendinBlue is a complete digital marketing kit that can be the answer to many of your Online marketing requirements.

SendinBlue will guide your business in the right direction of growth. The company uses SMTP to deliver your emails into your contact list’s inboxes directly.

Sendinblue best emailing softwares


  • Design professional-looking emails in no time. 
  • Takes advantage of SMS marketing. 
  • Integrates Chat on the website to make communication easier for your visitors. 
  • It comes with an intuitive CRM that keeps track of daily activities. 
  • Automate and set up transactional emails. 
  • Segment and classify your subscriber’s list for better targeting. 
  • Create Landing Pages and Signup forms on the website. 
  • Launch Facebook Ads and reach a new audience. 
  • Use retargeting to attract more customers to your website. 
  • Easy team management and coordination. 


Sendinblue provides you a Free to use subscription to add unlimited contacts and send them up to 300 emails daily. 

The other paid plans come with additional features and benefits. You can opt for Lite or Premium plans based on your requirement and the number of emails you plan to send.

Lite Plan

  • 10k emails/mo costs $25
  • 40k emails/mo costs $54
  • 60k emails/mo costs $69
  • 100k emails/mo costs $99

Premium Plan

  • 20k emails/ mo costs $65
  • 100k emails/mo costs $124
  • 500k emails/mo costs $379
  • 1M emails/mo costs $599

3. MailChimp

MailChimp provides smart email marketing solutions that let you reach out to your subscribers in bulk. The company was also recently named one of the Best Software companies by G2 in 2020. 

You can design branded and professional emails that will help you grow your brand value and business. The complete online solution provided by Mail Chimp was rated as the top in the software category by TrustRadius’. 

MailChimp software


  • Drag and Drop builder to design professional emails that your subscribers will engage with. 
  • Setup Autoresponders to send emails to your contact list at different times. 
  • Simple tracking with detailed analytics and reporting.  
  • Segmentation of your Contact in a diverse group for easy targeting and retargeting. 
  • Easy integration with WordPress, Shopify, and many other CMS. 
  • Create landing pages to boost your sales. 
  • Social media promotion using Digital ads to target a new set of audiences and people who visit your website. 
  • Smart Recommendation provides you insights for improvement. 
  • A/B testing to find the effectiveness of different email campaigns.  


With a Free Forever plan, you can get started with Mail chimp. This plan will allow you to send 12000 Emails per month to 2000 subscribers. However, there are only limited features in this plan and support is also restricted to emailing services but it is sufficient for small bloggers and businesses.

The Essential plan starts at $9.99/month for up to 500 subscribers.   

The Standard plan starts at $14.99/month for up to 500 subscribers. 

The Premium plan gives you complete access starting from $299/month for up to 10k subscribers.

4. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is another powerful bulk email software that can strengthen your email marketing campaigns. The software is well equipped with useful tools that even let you manage content upgrades. 

Offering content upgrades upon successful submission of email sign up helps you grow your email list. That email list can then be further used to target and retarget interested prospects. 

Convertkit bulk email service


  • It helps you to create custom landing pages to share new product details and more. 
  • Delivers emails directly in user’s inboxes that improve open rates. 
  • Access to professional email templates that can be personalized to match your intent and strategy. 
  • ConvertKit lets you create a separate sales page or add a buy now button to sell your digital products. 
  • Automate your email marketing campaigns to pitch your product and service at the right time. 
  • Segment subscribers in a different category to target them accordingly. 
  • Build an interactive Signup form for different purposes. 
  • Integrate your services to sell them online. 
  • Connect your CMS like Shopify, Teachable, Crowdcast, WordPress, etc., easily with ConvertKit. 
  • Get access to a free course to learn more about Email marketing techniques. 


ConvertKit offers you a Free Forever subscription that will let you send emails to up to 1000 subscribers. You can even sell your digital products, create landing pages, and send email broadcasts free. 

This plan can be used to try the software, but you’ll be missing out on various key features. Hence, you can either take Creator or Creator Pro plans that add more value to your email campaigns. These plans come with a 14-day trial period so that you can get a tryout for the advanced features. 

There are both monthly and annual subscriptions to these plans. We would recommend opting for the Annual subscription as you can save up to 30%. 

Creator: Starts at $25/mo for 1000 Subscribers

Creator Pro: Starts at $50/mo for 1000 Subscribers

5. Pepipost

Pepipost has lightning-fast email delivery speed because of its enhanced AI integration. It comes with multiple features that can improve your overall marketing campaigns. 

It is effortless to set up by making some changes in SMTP. Moreover, with the help of globally distributed SMTP servers, the email sending request can be transferred to the nearest server to eliminate latency issues. 

Pepipost has a vast customer base, including both Big and Small businesses. You can seamlessly integrate it with your stack such as Php, node.js, Ruby, Python, Java, etc. 

Pepipost softwares


  • Connect your apps, websites, and other platforms using the API. 
  • Get access to real-time reports of bulk emails that you are sending out. 
  • Ensure data security and privacy. 
  • Track every bounced email to improve your campaigns and make corrections where required. 
  • Webhook provides extensive details of email activities like Open Email rate, Link Clicks, etc.
  • Manage different domains, team members easily. 
  • Using Stats API, you can keep a backup of older data. 
  • It is secured with SPF and DKIM, which reduce the risk of spoofing and phishing.


This bulk emailing software offers you to send up to 30000 emails to your subscriber’s list for an initial 30 days. Even though you can continue to use the service for free but with restrictions to send only 100 emails per day with limited features. 

The Paid plans will let you access all the functionalities. You can subscribe using the Annual subscription and save up to 30%. 

EmailsMonthly Annual 1000/extra emails
1,50,000 $25$17.5$0.60
4,00,000 $85 $59.5$0.55
6,00,000 $145 $101.5$0.50
1,000,000 $245$171.5$0.45
2,000,000 $445 $311.5$0.40

For over 2,000,000 Contact sales team

6. MailGun

MailGun by path wire is one of the most reliable bulk Email marketing software based on the Cloud. The company has an Email deliverability rate of 97.4% that beats the industry average of 85%, while the bounce rate is maintained at 0.47%, which is 20x better than the competition.

The software is purely built to handle all critical elements related to Email marketing. There is 24/7 customer support available to ensure that your issues are resolved immediately. 

mailgun emailing software


  • Easy to design professional Email templates using your creativity. 
  • Access to thousands of Pre-designed Email templates to get you started quickly. 
  • Get real-time statistics and reporting to improve your marketing campaigns. 
  • Automate your email campaigns to send them anytime you want. 
  • An assigned Technical Account manager can monitor your activities and provide suggestions as needed for improvement. 
  • Advanced Email list segmentation and categorization for better targeting. 
  • Setup Transactional Emails for order summary, welcome emails, subscription emails, etc.
  • Includes Email parsing software to deal with inbound emails. 
  • Offers Fast email validation to remove incorrect, expired, or spammy email addresses. 
  • Integrate the software to your website or application using the API. 


You get to send 5000 emails/ Mo for the initial three months by using Pay as your grow subscription. 

Foundation: Starting at for 50,000 Emails

Growth: Starting at $80 for 100,000 Emails

Scale: Starting at $90 for 100,000 Emails

Every plan will offer you different sets of advanced features. For sending more than 2,500,000 emails per month, you can contact them to subscribe to the special Enterprise plan. 

7. SendGrid

SendGrid handles more than 70 billion emails every month and is the contender to be the best bulk emailing service. You can send promotional emails, transactional emails, order receipts, subscription alerts, and much more using the service. 

Their service is trusted by top companies like Airbnb, Spotify, Yelp, Glassdoor, etc. 

SendGrid aims to deliver emails to your inbox and improve your overall email marketing efforts. 

SendGrid bulk Email software


  • Globally distributed, cloud-based architecture to ensure deliverability. 
  • Intuitive UI for data analysis and management. 
  • Detailed reports with real-time data to track your email campaigns. 
  • Easy to integrate using RestFul APIs and SMTP. 
  • Create Email schedules to roll out notifications whenever required. 
  • Design templates in the UI and sends them programmatically. 
  • Identify and troubleshoot any issues and errors in your mailing list. 
  • Adds visibility to collaborate with your team members and monitor ongoing email campaigns. 
  • Encrypted with SOC 2 Type II, Privacy Shield, GDPR, opportunistic, and enforced TLS to secure your data. 
  • Experts are available 24/7 to help you optimize your program and resolve any errors. 
  • High email deliverability in the inbox to establish a connection with your subscribers. 


SendGrid offers a forever free plan that lets you send up to 100 emails/day. By subscribing to this plan, you can access some features but not all discussed above. 

There are three paid plans to choose from. The total price will depend upon the number of emails you plan to send every month. 

Essential: Starts at $14.95/mo

Pro: Starts $89.95/mo

Premier: Contact Sales Team

8. SendPulse

SendPulse is an Email and Messenger marketing platform that does it all. You can start your email and SMS campaigns, create chatbots for Facebook and Instagram.

This Emailing software is trusted and used by Global giants like Samsung, TCS, Swatch, PWC, and many more. Because of its dynamic functionalities, SendPulse is highly recommended for small and large-scale businesses. 

SendPulse Email Software


  • Use interactive and adaptive emails that can adjust as the screen resolution. 
  • Easy Drag and drop builder that can be used without any HTML knowledge. 
  • 130+ Free templates that can be further customized to meet your requirement. 
  • You can simplify trigger flows using Automation 360 and send messages based on customer behavior. 
  • Setup dedicated Event emails that trigger when the user performs a specific activity. 
  • Add and create a subscription form to grow your emailing list. 
  • Deliver personal, promotional, and transactional messages through FB and Instagram messengers. 
  • Send Web Push notifications to your subscribers in Chrome, Firefox, and opera browsers. 
  • Segregate your Emailing list into different categories based on customer behavior and target them accordingly. 
  • Test different Email versions using A/B testing and identify the most effective campaigns. 
  • Improve open rate by resending unopened emails with new titles. 
  • Get detailed analytics and statistics to identify the areas of improvement. 


Using SendPulse, you can send up to 15000 emails per month to a subscribers list of 500 emails. However, you will access limited features and tools with the free plan. 

The Paid plans are priced correctly and provide a significant return on your investment, and we would recommend you opting for the Yearly subscription that will save you 20% over the monthly billed subscription. 

The Basic plan starts at $6.4 for 500 subscribers with unlimited emails. Based on your Subscription list, you can select a payment plan for up to 5,000,000 subscribers at $5600. 

Other than this, you can opt for the “Pay as you Go” plan, where you’ll be charged for the Emails that you send monthly. The plan starts at $32 for 10,000 emails and goes up to $812 for 500,000 messages.  

9. GetResponse

GetResponse is another powerful tool used for sending mass emails. This software helps your business to grow by attracting more sales and leads. 

Various international brands use Their product as their inbound marketing solution. No matter who you are, an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Marketing Manager, or Small brand, GetResponse has tools that will suit your requirement as a whole. 

GetResponse Email Service


  • Create Email marketing campaigns and personalize them to suit your user base. 
  • Build interactive Landing pages that can result in more conversions. 
  • Easily set up and manage online webinars using the marketing webinar software. 
  • Create Automation flows that will create that will improve your customer experience. 
  • Understand customer behavior and their interaction with the emails using the Analytics and reporting system. 
  • Integrate Sign up and Pop up forms to increase conversion and grow your email list. 
  • Use Ecommerce tools to promote and increase revenues from shoppable pages. 
  • Add a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency for time-sensitive deals with special offers. 
  • Add automated product recommendations to sell more products. 
  • Easily create Sales and Lead magnet funnels. 
  • Run and manage your Ad campaigns for Google, Facebook, etc., using the built-in tools. 


You can get a Free trial for 30 days for any of the plans, i.e., Basic, Plus, Professional. All of these plans have Monthly, Yearly, and 2-Year subscriptions. You can avail of up to 30% discount when opting for the annual subscriptions. 

Basic Plan starts @ $15/Mo

Plus Plan starts @ $49/Mo

Professional starts @ $99/Mo

10. Mailify

Mailify is another assertive bulk emailing software developed by Sarbacane Software. The company focuses on providing marketing solutions that can help you grow your business.

It has many tools and features that can make Online marketing much easier and doable for you. This software is well suited for Marketing Agencies, E-Commerce websites, and Institutes looking to create a brand presence online. 

Mailify Emailing software


  • It can create bulk Email campaigns, and you can automate them. 
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns and identify areas to improve. 
  • Communicate with your subscriber using SMS with an opening rate of 95%. 
  • Customize and design your email using the drag & drop email template builder. 
  • Allows you to easily import a subscribers list with contact details to start your campaigns.
  • Smartly Automate your emails to reach your subscribers at the right time. 
  • The Tipimail SMTP API can be integrated into any website, application, or system. 
  • High deliverability rate and ensures Inbox email landing.
  • Landing page builder can be used to design pages that suit your website’s overall feel and boost your conversion rates. 
  • Design Forms and Newsletters to capture more emails. 
  • It uses Artificial intelligence to predict when users are more likely to open Emails. This improves your open rates and converts more prospects. 
  • Email verification features help curb opt-outs and reduces bounce rates by removing unwanted or incorrect emails before sending bulk emails.


To get started with Mailify, you just have to create an account on the website. After Sign up, your 30 days Free trial of the software begins. You can check out more details about pricing by signing up here

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best free bulk email service to use in 2021?

Most Bulk emailing services provide you with a free trial, and some even have a Free-forever plan. But the best among them is SendinBlue that offers you to send emails to unlimited contacts monthly along with a handful of features. Another Platform to consider here is MailChimp.

2. Can you send Bulk emails using Gmail or Outlook?

Email Platforms like Gmail and Outlook are not designed to send bulk emails. Hence the only option is to rely on Bulk Emailing software to increase conversions and open rates. 

3. Which are the best bulk emailing services?

Based on our testing and review, here are the top picks: 

  • SendInBlue: Best Email Marketing Suite
  • SendPulse: Best for Beginners
  • Constant Contact: Best for Small Brands

4. Which is better, Mailchimp or Sendinblue?

Both Mailchimp and SendinBlue are effective tools for sending bulk emails. But SendinBlue has a fair advantage over MailChimp in Automation, List management, and Reporting making it a better product among the two. 


Many more companies offer Bulk Mailing Softwares and services, but here we have listed some of the best in the market. 

Many of these services offer more than Mass emailing services that can be used to improve your complete online marketing strategy. So based on your requirement you can choose the right option. 

We hope that you find this blog informative and insightful. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. 

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