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Best Article Generator Software

Are you looking for Best Article Generator Software to create content on Autopilot? 

The only thing that keeps a Blog running and retains its ranking on Google is the content that you publish on your website.

We understand that coming up with new ideas and topics to cover on your blog itself is a tiring task, and when you have to keep writing thousands of words continually, you may get burned out fast and lose interest.

Many bloggers prefer hiring content writers who can get their job done, but that’s costly, and you’ll have to spend a lot of time finding the writer who can provide you with the quality you expect. 

But with the advancement in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technology, many software companies have disrupted the way we create content.

Today there is plenty of AI-based content creation software that can generate AdCopies, Blog Posts fast and conveniently.

Many people seem to be reluctant to depend on an AI for generating content because they fear that the quality may not be up to the mark. But AI has improved a lot in the last couple of years, and with the right implementation, this Softwares can generate Human readable and interactive content that can help you get traffic from search engines. 

There are many crappy tools in the market that fails to deliver what they promise, but you don’t have to fall for any of that. After extensive research and reviewing much such software, we have concluded with the Top 8 Best Article Generators that you can use. 

 In this blog, we will explain how this software performs based on its capabilities, features, and pricing.

But before we get onto that, let’s first understand;

How does the Article Generator work?

Article generator or creator software are of types: 

  • Cloud-Based Software 
  • Downloadable Application 

Cloud-Based software is the one that can be accessed from any browser at any time while the Downloadable software needs to be installed on the local system.

Understanding how these Software works aren’t rocket science. The software will provide you options to select among different niches, and you can enter key phrases based on which Article creator will generate content that will suit your requirement.

Is Article generator good and effective?

Yes, Article generator’s nowadays are backed by Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language processing technology that allows them to create unique SEO friendly articles on the go. These Article generator software can be helpful in many ways.

Time-Effective: Helps you save up time by creating content fast. 

Cost-Effective: Save a lot of money by replacing your content writer. 

SEO-Effective: Generates SEO friendly content that can rank on Google. 

Now that you have a clear picture of the Article Generator. Let’s get started!

Which is the best Article generator?

Top Article GeneratorFree Trial PricingRating
SEO Content MachineUnavailable Starts @ $27/Mo 3.5/5
Article ForgeFree 5-Day TrialStarts @ $27/Mo4.5/5
Article Builder30-Day Money Back GuaranteeCosts $127/Year4/5
ArticooloLimited Free creditStarts @ $19 for 10 Articles4.5/5
KafkaiFree 3-day trialStarts @ $29/ Mo for 10 Articles/day4/5
Zyro Free plan with limited features Starts @ $2.90/Mo 3.5/5
Copy SmithFree trial with limited featuresStarts @ $16/Mo with 50 credits 3.5/5
AdZisUnavailable Starts @ $50/Mo3/5

1. SEO Content Machine

SEO content machine is a simple yet powerful software for creating content. It can develop Articles in multiple languages based on the provided keywords.

The easy to use interface and dashboard allows you to learn and start content creation as quickly as possible. 

SEO Content machines can run natively on cross platforms like macOS, Windows, and Linux. You can download and install the application on your system. No matter which platform you are on, you can take advantage of this tool!

This is one of the most effective software that can offer more than just content creation. Below take a look at some of the critical features of this software. 

SEO Content Machine


  • Can Integrate 1000s of keywords in the Article. 
  • Auto insert Images, Videos, Links, Subheadings, Lists, Q&A.
  • Writing Assistant to filter content based on sentences and keywords that can be used to generate other related articles. 
  • Article Downloader can process a list of URLs analyzed and rewritten to create a unique copy.
  • Download Articles from Google Search Pages based on Wordcount and Keywords criteria. 
  • Research relevant Images and Videos across the web. 
  • Schedule and post directly in WordPress. You can even set Categories and tags.
  • Download deleted content from to re-use them. 
  • Spin Articles to generate a unique copy of already published content. 
  • Translate the same content in multiple languages and repurpose them. 
  • Flexibility to remove and replace words with more appropriate synonyms. 
  • Generate pages like About Me, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, etc. 


The SEO content machine provides multiple payment options. But there are no free trials that you can use. 

Monthly plan: $27

Quarterly plan: $57

Yearly plan: $120

Perpetual Plan: $197 

With these plans, you will get access to all the tools and features along with the upcoming updates. However, you will have to pay $80 for updates in a Perpetual plan after the initial one year.  

2. Article Forge

Article Forge is one of the most reputed Article generator tools that let you generate high-quality content. This software uses both Artificial Intelligence and Deep learning to generate 100% unique and SEO optimized articles. 

Using the tools is as easy as clicking a button. With a click of a button, the software does its magic, and AI kicks in to generate the content. A full-fledged content will be ready for you to publish by the time you generally write your first paragraphs.

Article Forge Article generator


  • Works in multiple niches like Technology, Business, Finance, Health, Fitness, etc. 
  • Uses AI-powered writers.
  • Replicates human reading and writing intent in the contents. 
  • One-Click article generation. 
  • Post directly to your WordPress website.
  • All the content generated by Article Forge can pass Copyscape plagiarism testing. 
  • It completely Automates your SEO efforts and saves time. 
  • Can generate content in 7 different languages. 
  • Integrated with many SEO tools like SEO Autopilot, WordAI, CyberSEO, RankerX, GSA Search Engine ranker, and SEnuke TNG. 


Article Forge provides you with a free 5-Day Trial. They also offer a 30-Day question asked money-back guarantee!

For the monthly subscription, you will have to pay $57, but you can avail of a whopping 50% discount with the Annual plan, which will then cost you $27/mo.

3. Article Builder

Article Builder is another powerful tool that can help you generate Articles that can replace your Writers. This software is owned by the Article marketing company Prosperative, which also owns The Best Spinner 4. 

Their expertise in this field makes them a company you can rely on for your content requirement. You can create or repurpose the same articles by spinning them and creating a unique copy that can be used for multiple sites. 

Article Builder


  • Provides access to 1.7 GB Of High-Quality Reusable Images.
  • Has a Massive Collection of Super Spun Articles
  • Can create content in more than 150+ niches and topics. 
  • Generated Articles are somewhere between 75-90% unique, as claimed by the company. 
  • Inject content in pre-written articles. 
  • You can customize Target keywords and word count. 
  • Automatic and Manual posting of newly generated articles directly on your website. 
  • It comes with an API that can be integrated into your Website or Application.  
  • Customer support available. 


Article Builder offers you a single subscription plan that can provide all the features. There are no free trials for the software too.

Article builder price

The yearly subscription offered by the company will cost you $127 only. However, if you are not satisfied with the product by any chance, you can claim the 30-day money-back guarantee. 

4. Articoolo

Using Articoolo, you can generate high-quality content used as blog posts on your website. You don’t have to worry about negotiating with Freelancers when you have Articoolo. 

The software makes it easier for you to generate content, as all you have to do is Enter your topic and then sit back and relax till your newly refreshed Article gets generated. 

Articoolo has been featured in Yahoo Finance, Tech Crunch, Inc., and many more for its features and capabilities.


  • Plagiarism free and unique content that can rank on Google. 
  • Restructures content based on Natural language processing. 
  • Generates SEO friendly content. 
  • Find appropriate images that can add value to your content. 
  • Title generator tools can create attractive Headlines that can improve CTR. 
  • Already published or freshly created articles can be rewritten using the Article rewriter tool. 
  • Creates a summary of the generated Article. 
  • Find Text Quotes images that are relevant to the topic. 
  • It has a WordPress plugin through which you can publish content directly on your blog. 
  • Using the API, the software can be integrated into your Website and Application. 


You can avail yourself of a Free credit to generate some sample articles to understand better how this software works. 

There are two payment methods available for using the software, i.e., Pay per use, Subscribe and Save. 

i. Pay Per Use (Fixed package with no time limit)

10 Articles: $19

50 Articles: $75

100 Articles: $99

ii. Subscribe and Save (For the long terms use)

30 Articles: $29/ Mo

100 Articles: $49/ Mo

250 Articles: $99/ Mo

5. Kafkai

Kafkai helps you overcome the bottleneck of Digital marketing, i.e., content creation. You can use this software to generate fresh and unique articles based on various topics and keywords.

It can help you create more blog posts, improve PBNs, gather backlinks, and do everything else that Search engines look for to rank your website on top of the search results.

Like most companies, Kafkai uses the GPT-2 machine learning model for writing content. Their model has been designed and trained to understand every word’s intent in a sentence or paragraph. This helps them deliver unique and fresh content for any given topic.

Kafkai Article generator


  • Generate Articles based on a niche if you don’t have a topic in your mind. 
  • Advanced content creation by seeding a sample paragraph based on which new Article will be generated.
  • Passes Copyscape Quality check for plagiarism. 
  • Produces articles that are inline with Search engine algorithms. 
  • Generate content based on Titles. 
  • Easy to use user interface. 
  • Customization is available to meet your writing style. 
  • Creates articles in 20 niches that are being updated continuously.


The tool offers you a 3-day trial, so you can try it out before buying. This is an entirely risk-free deal as there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can get a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the product. 

Here are all the paid plans that you can avail.

Writer: $29/ Mo

  • Daily Limit: 10 articles
  • Monthly Limit: 100 articles

Newsroom: $49/ Mo

  • Daily Limit: 25 articles
  • Monthly Limit: 250 articles

Printing Press: $129/ Mo

  • Daily Limit: 100 articles
  • Monthly Limit: 1000 articles

Industrial Printer: $199 /Mo

  • Daily Limit: 500 articles
  • Monthly Limit: 5000 articles

6. Zyro Content Generator

Zyro is an all-in-one solution for E-commerce website development. They have multiple helpful tools that help you improve your website, and one of them is an Article generator that lets you generate unique content based on different categories. 

You can also create an article by just entering a couple of sentences about the topic, and Zyro will magically write the remaining Article. 

The Artificial Intelligence used by Zyro keeps on learning and reading Articles from different websites to expand its database and understand the intent of every word, sentence, and paragraph. 

Zyro Article generator


  • Generate content based on Category and Subcategory.
  • Completely unique and SEO optimized Articles. 
  • It can be used to generate Ad copies and product descriptions. 
  • Easy to manage integration within the suite.
  • Inject keywords and key phrases based on your requirement and SEO needs 


The Article Generator tool from Zyro is available free of cost along with the paid subscription of the Zyro premium plans. 

With the premium plan, you will get a Free Domain and Hosting. If you plan to launch an eCommerce website, then going ahead with Zyro will be a great option as it will provide a solution to all your marketing requirements. 

7. Copy Smith

Copy Smith is another automated content writing software powered by Artificial intelligence. Along with that, it takes advantage of Natural language processing for better results. 

This content generator is best suited for Digital marketing agencies, E-Commerce, Advertisers, etc., who find it challenging to write attractive and engaging ad copies for their marketing campaigns. 

Copy Smith is trusted and highly recommended by its user base to generate Ad Copies more than Article creation. 

The software can write for you and Brainstorm ideas and research so that you don’t have to waste time following your competitors. 

Copy Smith Article generator


  • It can replace your Copywriter. 
  • Generate ads (Google, Facebook, Instagram), product descriptions, SEO metatags, taglines, and more.
  • 100% unique copy generator that can be used for marketing. 
  • Provides multiple ad copies with different styles and variations. 
  • It can be used to generate landing pages with pre-written content about the given topics. 
  • AI-written Blog posts that are up to 75% unique, easy to ready, and interactive.
  • Newly generated content can also be rewritten using the Content rewriter tool. 
  • Blog Outlines can be created Using AI, enter the desired topic and description, and you’ll have some sections and sub-topics that can be covered within the blog.  
  • Easy to use dashboard. 


You can get started with Copy Smith software with a free trial with limited features that won’t even require you to use a credit card. 

The paid plan is available in both Yearly and monthly subscriptions. However, if you have already taken the trial then we don’t need to convince you to take the Annual subscription, as it also saves you a lot of money as well. 

Starter: $16/month billed annually ($19 if paid monthly)

  • 50 credits/month (about 500 pieces of original content)
  • All short content types (including all types available in free trial)

Professional: $50/month billed annually ($59 if paid monthly)

  • 250 credits/month (about 2500 pieces of original copy)
  • Prioritized input on the product roadmap
  • All content types, as well as 100 blog post-credits (about 65000 words)
  • Priority customer service

2021 Early Adopter Plan: $50/month billed annually

  • 1000 credits/month (about 10,000 pieces of original copy)
  • Prioritized input on the product roadmap
  • All content types, as well as 100 blog post-credits (about 65000 words)
  • Priority customer service

8. AdZis

AdZis uses the true potential of Natural language processing technology for content creation. The platform is easy to use, and you can generate tons of SEO friendly eCommerce content to start ranking on Google and drive traffic to your business. 

The company is based in India and has shown a real potential to deliver a high quality that can stand out against the competitors. 

Using this tool, you can generate more than enough content to scale faster. This software is mainly designed for E-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and not bloggers.



  • Can write informative Articles to engage with customers. 
  • Generate Ad Copies for marketing campaigns. 
  • Detailed product description generator within a click. 
  • Promises an average reading score of 62% on Flesch Score. 
  • Maintains an average of 91% plagiarism free content.
  • Ready to use APIs that can be integrated with your websites and applications. 
  • Easy integration with Shopify. 
  • You can also automate the process of generating descriptions for your classified listings.


This software is mainly designed for E-commerce stores and for generating product descriptions. Hence, the pricing is also based on the content that you generate. 

Here are some of the basic pricing:

50 Products with 40-70 words: $50 

100 Products with 40-70 words: $90

500 Products with 40-70 words: $410

1000 Products with 40-70 words: $780 

And so on, 


Digital marketing or business requires having lots of expertise in different areas. If writing content is not the area where you shine, you should try out this Article generator software.

Having a subscription to these tools will anyhow cost you less than having a Freelancer or Permanent employee.

AI has been improving a lot since Elon Musk owned OpenAI released the GPT-2 machine learning model that has revolutionized AI-based content creation since 2018. 

With different companies trying out and testing the AI, that day is not far when we will see AI taking over content writers’ jobs before they could take over the world.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. If you have any doubts and concerns feel free to contact us.  

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