Best Mandrill Alternatives [Free and Paid]

Best Mandrill Alternatives

Are you using Mandrill for your email marketing requirement? It would help if you looked out for Best Mandrill Alternatives to improve the efficiency of your Email campaigns because the software is not enough if you have a growing list of subscribers.

There are plenty of options available in the market to design email templates, set up SMTP, and monitor your campaigns.

So we are here to help you find the best product that could fulfil your requirement as an Email marketer, business owner, or newbie. 

What is Mandrill? 

Mandrill used to be a standalone product by MailChimp to send a transactional email that was best suited for small websites. But now, the service is merged with the parent software. 

The software is now known as “MailChimp”, is an Email marketing campaigner that allows you to send Bulk email using SMTP or API.

With advanced features like Email Automation, Template builder, Webhooks, Email Segmentation, Tracking and Reporting, Mandrill was among the best Email service providers in the market. 

But, various factors make you look for an Alternative. 

Why need a Mandrill alternative? 

You all must be thinking that Mandrill is enough for your email marketing campaigns, so to make things clear, let me discuss some of the software’s negative aspects. 

  • The tracking and reporting tool is not that accurate, and this could lead to wrong analytics and reporting based on which you make decisions to optimize the campaigns.
  • User-Interface is not interactive & many of the features are buried, making it difficult for newbies to use the software. 
  • API integration isn’t a piece of cake, and you’ll need technical knowledge to understand and implement it on your website or application. 
  • It lacks a mobile application that could be found with some of the competitors. 
  • It cannot be further used as a Standalone service and requires an account with Mailchimp. This has drastically increased the price of the service. 
  • SMTP service offered by Mailchimp is not the best for the price you pay for its subscription. 

Now that you know why you need Email marketing software as a Mandrill Alternative. Let’s get started with the list. 

Which are the Best Mandrill alternatives?

Top Alternatives Free Trial Pricing Rating
PepipostFree Forever plan (100 emails/day) Starts @ $17.5/Mo 3/5
SendinBlueFree Forever plan (300/day) Starts @ 25/Mo 3.5/5
SendPulseFree plan (15000/Mo for a subscribers list of 500 emails) Start @ $6.4/Mo 4.5/5
SendgridFree Forever plan (6000 emails/mo) Starts @ $15/Mo 4.5/5
Constant ContactFree 30-day trial Starts @ $20/Mo 4/5
Mail GunFree 5000 for 3 months Starting @ $35/Mo 3.5/4

1. Pepipost

Pepipost is one of the best alternatives for mandrill users. You can use this service to send both transactional and marketing emails to your users. 

The company offers fast and reliable email deliverability to ensure that your subscribers receive your emails in their Inbox. 

With a large number of servers worldwide, Pepipost is capable of handling billions of emails per month. 

Pepipost Mandrill alternative


  • Easy to get started, after signup, you can set up an SMTP relay or API to start using the service. 
  • An Email template builder allows you to design and customize the email to target your subscribers. 
  • The software offers Real-Time analysis performance metrics like Bounce rate, click rate, conversion, etc. 
  • Easy sub-account management to ensure that your team members have proper access to the features they need. 
  • Uses Artificial Intelligence to improve deliverability. 
  • Pepipost ensures that all your data is perfectly secured as they follow high standards of security protocols. 


With Pepipost, you can start using the features and services Free of cost. You will get to send up to 30,000 emails for the first 30 days, after which you can keep sending 100 emails per day Free for a lifetime.

Once you are satisfied with the service, you can subscribe to the Annual plan and save up to 30% 

EmailsMonthly Annual 1000/extra emails
1,50,000 $25$17.5$0.60
4,00,000 $85 $59.5$0.55
6,00,000 $145 $101.5$0.50
1,000,000 $245$171.5$0.45
2,000,000 $445 $311.5$0.40

2. SendinBlue

Sendinblue is one of the most intuitive email marketing software available in the market, making it a great Mandrill alternative. 

With the right combination of tools and features, Sendinblue provides excellent value to the users. Moreover, the software is relatively easy to use for entry-level marketers who lack technical knowledge.


  • It can be easily integrated with WordPress, Wix and other CMS. 
  • Has an inbox deliverability rate of 99.9% 
  • Using the email segmentation feature, you can easily target audiences using different campaigns for better conversion. 
  • Easily customize and design emails templates with drag and drop builder. 
  • Provides you with the ability to design Popup form, contact forms, and landing pages. 
  • You can perform A/B testing on email templates or formats and find the best one for your email campaigns. 
  • Some other prominent features like Real-Time monitoring, Retargeting, and Heat maps help you understand your subscribers. 
  • Setup email automation and send a transactional email after certain events. 


Sendinblue offers a Free-forever plan through which you can keep using the service with limited features as long as you would want. The Free plan allows you to send 300 emails per day. 

While the price for the Paid plans depend upon the size of the Subscribers you have. 

Lite Plan: 

  • 10k emails/mo = $25
  • 40k emails/mo = $54
  • 60k emails/mo = $69
  • 100k emails/mo = $99

Premium Plan: 

  • 20k emails/ mo = $65
  • 100k emails/mo = $124
  • 500k emails/mo = $379
  • 1M emails/mo = $599

3. SendPulse

SendPulse is one of the best software that you could use as a Mandrill alternative. It is a complete Email marketing suite that could help you increase your conversion. 

The software can even be used to send SMS and create chatbots for Facebook and Telegram. You can also set up a web push notification to reach your prospects via a browser. 


  • It comes with an Easy to use Email builder to design and personalize your email templates. 
  • The software comes with 130+ pre-designed email templates. 
  • You can create complicated email flow and Automate them to trigger specific events. 
  • SendPulse allows you to perform A/B testing of emails. 
  • Easy to use dashboard through which you can monitor the performance metrics and analyze areas of improvement. 
  • Segment your subscriber’s list based on different parameters like Age, Demographics, Interests, etc. 
  • SendPulse also offers you to create Popups, Subscriber form, landing page and more. 
  • Design intuitive and responsive emails that adapt the device’s screen size that it is being viewed on. 
  • An Email verification tool is also provided to detect expired, spammy, unnecessary emails to improve your marketing campaign.


With the Free plan, SendPulse allows you to send 15,000 emails per month to a subscribers list of 500. SendPulse provides a lot of value to users looking for a Free email marketing suite. 

Sendpulse pricing


  • Free: 12,000 emails in a month.
  • 25,000 emails per month: $8.85/month
  • 50,000 emails per month: $16.85/month


  • 100,000 emails per month: $74.85/month
  • 200,000 emails per month: $124.85/month
  • 300,000 emails per month: $174.85/month


  • 500,000 emails per month – $274.86/month
  • 1 million emails per month – $524.85/month
  • 2 million emails per month – $924.85/month
  • 5 million emails per month – $1,824.85/month

4. SendGrid

SendGrid is one of the pioneers in the Email marketing software industry. Since 2009 the company has grown significantly and now caters for a user base of 82,000 customers. 

The solution provided by SendGrid is suitable for Marketers, CEO of small businesses, developers, or program managers. Some of the global brands that use SendGrid for their Email marketing requirements are Uber, Spotify, Airbnb, yelp, etc. 



  • You can use the pre-designed email templates from a massive library or build one from scratch. 
  • Quickly build emails with drag & drop tools, pure HTML or both. 
  • Create Automation flow in just a couple of hours with specific triggers to occur in a specific time. 
  • Easily monitor and track your progress over time to optimize the results for better performance. 
  • Promises an industry-leading deliverability rate of 96% average inboxing rate.
  • Integration of the service using SMTP relay and RESTful APIs is effective. 
  • 24/7 customer support available to help you resolve any problem that you may face. 
  • Using the Email validation tool, you can verify emails and make sure that any unwanted, expired or spammy emails are removed before the campaign starts. 
  • You can add team members for collaborative efforts and monitor their tasks and performance. 
  • Segment your email lists and easily manage your subscribers from the dashboard. 


Using the Sendgrid service, you can send up to 100 emails per day for free & forever. However, you won’t get access to all the features that we have discussed above. 

But the Free plan is enough for you to get an overview of what the software has to offer you. So after that, if you decide you subscribe, there are multiple paid plans available. 

Essential: Starts at $14.95/mo

Pro: Starts $89.95/mo

Premier: Contact Sales Team

5. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is another excellent Mandrill alternative that offers tons of features to fulfil your Email marketing needs. 

This software not only helps you design email campaigns to engage with customers, but you can also build a website, create an eCommerce store, and integrate Social media ads to bring in new leads. 

Constant contact mandrill alternative


  • You can send transactional emails that trigger specific events. 
  • Provides you with a robust Email building tool that could let you grow your subscriber list.
  • Using the software, you can even design Facebook and Instagram ads. 
  • The user interface is interactive and can be used easily by beginners. 
  • Quickly build an email template using a Drag and drop builder.
  • Get access to thousands of images with the right to reuse. 
  • You can even perform A/B testing to maximize your conversion and open rate. 
  • Get real-time data and analytics using which you can improve and optimize the performance of your campaigns. 
  • With the help of contact list management, you can segment your subscribers into different sections for better targeting. 
  • It comes with online training material through which you can learn and make the best use of the software. 


Constant Contact does not offer any Forever free plan, but it does provide you a 30-day trial period during which you can try out some of the features. 

This software is one of the most affordable Email marketing suites that you could subscribe for. Hence, after the Trial period, if you are satisfied with the software, you can go ahead with these plans;

Email Plan starts at $20 

Email Pro starts at $45

6. MailGun

MailGun is one of the excellent Email marketing software that does it all. This can be considered as one of the best Mandrill alternatives.

The company has an Email deliverability rate of 97.4% that is way above the industry standard. Hence, using this service will ensure that your emails land in your customer’s inboxes. 


  • You can easily design Email templates using a Drag & Drop builder. 
  • Get access to a massive library of pre-designed email templates which can be further customized to meet your requirement. 
  • Automate email campaigns to send them when a specific event is triggered. 
  • A technical account manager will be assigned to you who can monitor your email campaigns for you and provide insights on how to improve the campaigns’ performance. 
  • You can easily set up transactional Emails for order summary, welcome emails, subscription emails, etc.
  • You can manage and filter incorrect, expired, or spammy email addresses through the Email verification tool. 
  • The software can be easily integrated with your website or application using the API. 


With Constant Contact, you can start sending an email with the Pay as you grow plan. You won’t be charged for anything upon sign up for the initial three months, and you can send up to 5000/Mo. 

Foundation: Starting at $35 for 50,000 Emails

Growth: Starting at $80 for 100,000 Emails

Scale: Starting at $90 for 100,000 Emails

All these plans have different sets of features. So make sure you subscribe to the right plan as per your requirement. 


There are many Email marketing software that can be a Mandrill alternative if the ones mentioned here can be considered the best. 

You can quickly go ahead and try out this software yourself using the Free Forever plan or Trail. Also, let us know which one will be your first preference for the Mandrill alternative. 

If you think we’ve missed out on something, please comment below and let us know. 

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