Best Email list cleaning Services for 2021 [Free and Paid]

Looking for the Best Email List Cleaning Services that can improve your email marketing efforts?

As there are many tools and services available in the market it might get difficult for you to find the right one. Here, we have listed out some of the best Free and Paid services that you can use to kick start your email marketing campaigns. 

We found these tools by reaching out to different users and testing some of them by ourselves. Based on performance, Value to money, features, this list has been curated. 

But as always, let’s first understand 

Do you need Email List Cleaning services?

These tools will help you identify duplicate, invalid, spammy email addresses so that you can target your subscribers more specifically. 

If you are witnessing a drop in your open and click rate then you should probably be using these services to encounter such issues.

This may feel like a painful task if you want to do this manually but that’s where these Email list cleaning services come into the picture.

Over a period of time, unsubscribers or uninterested people not opening your emails can cause an Email list churn and it eats up to 25-30% of Emails on an average every year. 

For many it may not seem like an important area to focus but trust me, you will be glad when the result turns up.

Benefits of Email List Cleaning Services

Improves Email Deliverability: Just sending emails on a regular basis to your subscribers is not enough. List Cleaning services will eliminate the emails of users who have marked you as spam. This will maintain your reputation and make sure that other users receive your emails in their Inbox.

Better Click and Open Rates: When unwanted users are filtered, you will instantly see an increase in your Click and open rates. 

Reduced Bounce Rates: Bounced Emails are as bad as Spam emails for your reputation. This happens because of various technical reasons, whatever the case might be you’ll have to make sure to keep this percentage down in order to maintain high email deliverability. 

Cost Reduction: By removing unwanted subscribers you can eventually manage to save your Email marketing cost because most of the Bulk Emailing Services charge you based on the Email sent or your size of subscribers. 

Increased Return: Sending emails to your engaged and interested subscribers will result in more returns and profit. 

Which are the best Email cleaning services to use in 2021?

1. ZeroBounce

We will start the list with the Award Winning email validation service, ZeroBounce. They are one of the fastest-growing companies in the US with military-grade data encryption. 

The software can be used as an Email Verification and email enhancement service. It promises a Guaranteed Email verification with an accuracy of 98%. 

Zero bounce


  • Maintains a lower bounce rate threshold that is required by most of the ESPs. 
  • Has the ability to protect your IP protection and improve deliverability. 
  • It can improve Inbox deliverability and overall email campaign performance. 
  • Identify and remove Spam trap emails from your list if emails are misspelled, spammy, or do not accept Inbound emails.  
  • Keeps your Spam complaint rate under control so that you can connect with more people and improve conversions. 
  • Remove emails that receive no activities to improve your Open rate.
  • Get valuable information about your leads like Name, Gender, GeoLocation, etc. for better segmentation and targeting. 
  • Automate Email verification process using the Email list validation API. 
  • Comes with a Blacklist Monitoring service that can allow you to verify your status with over 200 different blacklists.
  • Get an Overview report to analyse every data related to your emailing lists. 


There are various payment options that you can try out. ZeroBounce is one of the Best Email list cleaning service providers but still the product is priced perfectly considering the value and features it provides. 

Freemium: Using this Free plan will let you try out different features like Inbox Placement Test, Email Server Test, Blacklist monitoring. But it comes with some limitations and you’ll only have 100 credits to use monthly. 

Pay As You Go: Access to all freemium features along with a minimum of 2000 credits, Detailed Status Codes, IP Address Geolocation, 18 Validation Tools Included that starts at $16 monthly. 

Monthly Subscription: This monthly subscription starts at $15 with the same features as provided in Pay as you go plan. 

2. Email Marker

Email Marker is a reliable, quick, and secure Email verification service that can help you clean your Email list. 

Using this service can help you achieve better deliverability, efficient marketing campaigns and most importantly better ROIs. 

Email marker


  • Integrate the Real-time email verification API so that you can verify emails within your website and application. 
  • Helps you protect your reputation as a brand and prevent your email addresses from Blacklisting. 
  • Has an Email Deduplication feature that identifies and merge duplicate records ensuring data quality improvement.
  • Helps you remove complainers and spam traps through various control methods. 
  • Check in advance if the Email will bounce or get delivered to your contacts. 
  • Provides 97% accurate results in real-time.
  • 24/7 Customer service available to resolve your issues at earliest. 


EmailMarker provides you a free service for up to 150 email verification. While the paid plans start at $3 and go all the way to $999. The pricing depends upon the size of the list that you have. 

For an Email List of;

  • 1K Emails: $3
  • 5K Emails: $13
  • 10K Emails: $21
  • 15K Emails: $36
  • 25K Emails: $61
  • 50K Emails: $84
  • 100K Emails: $161
  • 300K Emails: $341
  • 500K Emails: $441
  • 700K Emails: $497
  • 1000K Emails: $589
  • 2000K Emails: $999

3. ListWise

ListWise is a powerful tool developed by CyberCom which is one of Asia’s largest internet software companies based in Auckland, New Zealand.

The service offers you to clean your email list effectively in no time. It is among the easiest software to use that allows you to get things done quickly.

Using the advanced features, ListWise intelligently segregate email addresses in different categories. 

List Wise


  • Enabled with features to Automatically correct any incorrect addresses or typos. 
  • Increases the chances of your emails landing in your customers Inbox. 
  • Prevent your Emails from getting blacklisted by different ISPs. 
  • Their vast global network enables the software to predict the Bounce rate with stunning accuracy. 
  • Can be integrated in your website using API for real time email verification on your Website or Application. 
  • Improves the effectiveness of your Email marketing campaigns. 
  • Enabled with Smart Features and Intuitive dashboard to keep track of every activity and metrics. 
  • Import and Download cleaned list and save them on your system. 


ListWise offers different types of payment plans to suit every requirement. However, you can use the service free of cost for cleaning up to 100 emails.

Pay As You Go: This plan allows you to buy credits whenever you have a requirement to clean more than 100 emails. It gives you the flexibility to use the service without paying the monthly fee. 

Monthly Subscription: If you have a large list of Emails then you can take the subscription for the full fledge service. 

Number of EmailsPrice
10K Email Addresses$45
50K Email Addresses$105
100K Email Addresses$185
500K Email Addresses$605
1 Million Email Addresses $995
2 Million Emil Addresses $1595
5 Million Email Addresses$2995

4. Bouncify

Bouncify is one of the leading Email list cleaning and Email verification services that provides tons of value for Email marketers. With the help of this service, you can build your brand reputation and improve Open and Click rates.

Bouncify is a reputed brand trusted by Top companies across the globe. Using the software is as easy as signing up for the program.




  • Real-time reporting and analysis of your email lists and performance of the campaigns. 
  • Helps you maintain a good Return on Investment. 
  • Integrated with SpamTrap removal that removes unsafe and incorrect emails to help you avoid costly sender blacklists. 
  • Background SMTP and Domain verification to ensure that emails are functioning and valid. 
  • Provides regular updates of your existing email list. 
  • Automatically detects and removes duplicate emails to save you from landing in recipients spam box. 
  • Upload your email list or past emails directly in the software. 
  • Comes with an Android and iOS app for easy use. 


Bouncify offers you a Pay as you go plan using which you can avail credits and use them as per your requirement without committing to a monthly fee. 

Any credit purchased from Bouncify has unlimited validity and can be redeemed any time you want. 

Number of EmailsPrice Per EmailPrice
10K Email Addresses$0.0019$19
30K Email Addresses$0.0013$39
100K Email Addresses$0.0010$99
200K Email Addresses$0.0008$159
500K Email Addresses $0.0006$299
1 Million Email Addresses $0.0005$499
2 Million Email Addresses$0.0004$799

5. SendPulse

SendPulse is a bulk email marketing service provider that also allows the user to clean your subscriber’s list, stay out of spam folders, and maintain a reputation.

This software is a complete Digital solution for all your Email marketing needs. You can track and monitor your Emails campaigns in real-time. 

Sendpulse emailing list


  • Improves the probability of your emails landing in inboxes. 
  • Easy to use and Intuitive dashboard for reporting. 
  • Upload your Email list directly to get started with Cleaning. 
  • Get a detailed report with Valid and Invalid emails for better assessment. 
  • Add custom variables and segments to your new mailing list. 
  • Customer support available 24/7


SendPulse also offers both Pay as you Go and Monthly subscriptions. The first 100 emails per month can be verified free of cost. 

But for more you can subscribe from the given prices. 

Number of EmailsPrice

6. NeverBounce

NeverBounce is one of the best bulk email cleaning service providers. It helps you reach your customers more efficiently. 

More than 125,000 users trust their services and real-time email verification worldwide to improve their email marketing metrics.



  • Protects your sender reputation and ensures highest inbox email deliverability. 
  • Easily import your email list from different Email service providers at once. 
  • Segregate your list and download the list to save it natively. 
  • Access Custom API to integrate on your website and keep a close tab on your bounce rate. The API delivers 99.9% uptime. 
  • Easy integration with MailChimp, Hubspot, iContact, Moosend, Drip, Campaign Monitor and different other platforms.
  • Identifies and removes high risk emails to maintain a reputation. 
  • Mail server verification is done using an SMTP and some additional proprietary methods.
  • Automatically removes duplicate emails and bad syntax. 


NeverBounce offers both Pay as you go and monthly subscription plans. 

Pay As You Go: In this plan the more you verify the lower the cost would be. 

Number of EmailsPrice/Email
up to 10,000$0.008
up to 100,000 $0.005
up to 250,000 $0.004
up to 1,000,000 $0.003

Subscription: This plan lets you avail the benefits of the service through your subscription period. It will clean your email list on a daily basis. 

Number of EmailsPrice/Email
up to 1,000 $8.00
up to 10,000 $39.20
up to 50,000 $79.20
up to 250,000$199.20
up to 500,000 $399.20
up to 1,000,000 $799.20
over 1,000,000 Contact Us

7. DeBounce 

DeBounce is another email verification tool that provides simple, fast and accurate data. It helps you control bounce rate, disposable or deactivated emails, to improve your sending reputation. 

You can easily connect your ESP account with DeBounce and automate the import process to keep your email list clean continuously.

DeBounce email List cleaner


  • It minimizes email bouncing by removing invalid emails using an SMTP check. 
  • Automatic removal of Duplicate emails. 
  • Has a Anti-grey listing technology that pauses between multiple validations to simulate the behavior of a well-configured email server. This helps in preventing IP blocking.
  • The intelligent Spam-trap Indicator helps you remove every record of spams. 
  • Domain Confirmation lets you cross check expired, invalid, or parked domains to remove such emails. 
  • Download clean emails lists from the server. 
  • You can add team members to the same account to use the credits as required. 


DeBounce has one of the most flexible pricing policies as you don’t have to commit to monthly payments. Here you can buy credits in bulk for Email verification. Every credit purchased from DeBounce has unlimited validity, so you can use them anytime you want. 

Moreover, you can avail of 100 FREE credits when you sign up for their service. 

  • 5,000 Email Verification: $10
  • 10,000 Email Verification: $15
  • 25,000 Email Verification: $30
  • 50,000 Email Verification: $50
  • 100,000 Email Verification: $90
  • 200,000 Email Verification: $140
  • 500,000 Email Verification: $300
  • 1,000,000 Email Verification: $500
  • Calculate your Price here

8. helps you optimize your email marketing campaigns. You can scale your business by engaging and converting your leads more efficiently. 

It uses advanced 7-tier verification that will ensure that means you achieve deliverability of as high as 98%. List cleaning


  • Synchronize your Snov account with over 2000+ different platforms and always stay in control. 
  • Easy to manage Dashboard with interactive user interface. 
  • Detailed Reporting and analysis of Emails. 
  • Download and save reports and email lists in Google Sheets or CSV, XLSX, formats.
  • Performs MX record check, syntax check, and SMTP authentication to verify all email addresses to provide the most accurate result. 
  • Bulk Email verification to get things done quickly. 

Pricing comes with a Free 50 credits upon sign up that you can use. But being a complete Email marketing solution, you can subscribe for the complete service to email campaigns as well.

9. DataValidation

DataValidation is an email verification service that is used by companies all around the globe for reducing bounce rates and improving email marketing results along with Return on investment. 

Data Validation


  • Receive Quality Reports for email verification of all lists uploaded or imported. 
  • Up to 99% of your emails will be delivered after using our email list cleaning service. 
  • Provides 24/7 support via LiveChat and through emails so that your problems are resolved on the spot. 
  • AutoPilot your email list monitoring so that it is checked periodically for errors and issues. 
  • You can natively integrate your Email marketing service provider to create a smoother workflow. 
  • Upload multiple upload formats and choose from CSV, TXT, files and make sure that you can easily verify your list. 
  • Promises a uptime of 99.99%


EmailChecker offers up to 200 free verifications when you create an account and import a list. After which once you purchase your first verified report, you’ll get another 300 emails. 

There are multiple verification packs that you buy. 

  • 1000 verifications: $7
  • 5000 verifications: $35
  • 100,000 verifications: $300
  • 500,000 verifications: $1000
  • 2,000,000 verifications: $2500

10. Xverify

Xverify is a trusted Email verification service that securely and intelligently verifies your email list. 

The service helps you improve email deliverability by eliminating hard bounces, spam complaints and by improving open rates. 

Xverify List Cleaning


  • Data Intelligence features analyses the email accounts and identifies the unsafe ones to send you help out potential problems. 
  • Easy web or app Implementation using Javascript or API. 
  • Increase and improve your deliverability and overall campaign performance. 
  • Comes with a drag and drop uploader to quickly upload bulk emails or you can do the same using an FTP.  
  • Get Instant validation results with a proven 98% accuracy. 
  • Auto Correction features identify all types of typos and make changes accordingly. 


Xverify does not offer any specific subscription plan but instead you can pay as you go. Based upon the number of emails you want to verify you can calculate your total cost and then pay as per your requirement. 

Number of EmailsPrice/Email
0 – 5.0K$0.0100
5.0K – 10.0K $0.0080
10.0K – 25.0K $0.0070
25.0K – 50.0K $0.0060
50.0K – 100.0K $0.0050
100.0K – 250.0K $0.0040
250.0K – 500.0K $0.0030
500.0K – 1.0M $0.0020
1.0M – 2.5M          $0.0015
2.5M+ $0.0010

11. MailGun

MailGun is another bulk email service provider that lets you create marketing campaigns and verify emails. 

For creating a robust email list you need to emphasise quality over quantity. You can identify invalid or duplicate emails and improve your bounce and open rate for better conversion.

Mailgun email list cleaning services


  • You can Bulk upload emails in csv or JSON file format to clean them up all in one go. 
  • Automatically remove high risk, bad emails for a quality list of deliverable email addresses.
  • Can be integrated on your website seamlessly using an API. 
  • Offers a mail-opt in features that insists the users to verify their email addresses. 
  • Enables you to segment emails for better targeting. 


To get started with Mailify, you just have to create an account on the website. After Sign up, your 30 days Free trial of the software begins. You can check out more details about pricing by signing up here

12. Verifalia

Verifalia is another great email list cleaning service provider that lets you verify emails in real-time. They have helped more than 35,000 customers reduce their bounce rate since their launch in 2005. 

Verifalia email list cleaning services


  • Real-time email verification prevents invalid emails from entering your list. 
  • The software can prevent bots from spamming your sign-ups and reduce spam attacks. 
  • Automate the complete Verification process to ensure that your database is refreshed as soon as it turns bad. 
  • You can keep your data fresh continually for improvement in your emails campaigns. 
  • It offers three levels of service quality and detailed response codes like Syntax validation, domain / MX / DNS check, mailbox availability check, spam trap detection, catch-all server detection. 
  • Integrated with a secured infrastructure with clients area, API and uploads that are protected by HTTPS/TLS connections.
  • Complete privacy to your data. 


You can use Verifalia free of cost after signing up. It can provide you up to 25 emails validation per day. 

While the other paid plans start at

Starter: 250 email validation per day : $9/month

Professional: 1250 email validation per day : $49/month

Enterprise: 6250 email validation per day : $199/month

Ultimate: 25000 email validation per day : $499/month

13. Bounceless

As the name suggests, Bounceless is committed to reducing your bounce rate but doing whatever it takes. 

In order to achieve this Bounceless removes inactive users and invalid emails to ensure that you are not exceeding the limits set by Internet service providers for bounces, spam complaints and unsubscribe requests.

Bounceless email list cleaning services


  • Remove all records of duplicate email addresses. 
  • Helps you scan and remove high risk keywords and TLDs within an emails address. 
  • Verifies if the Mail-transfer-agent has a valid MX record and removes them if not present. 
  • Syntax verifier removes invalid syntax instantly. 
  • SMTP validation to remove and get rid of all emails with Invalid, Inactive, or parked domain names. 
  • Has a Complainers database based on which it removes all email addresses available in that database. 
  • Upload your email list or integrate it with your different emailing platforms. 


There are two types of payment options available to get access to the service. You can either pay a one-time fee for certain email verification or else opt for a monthly subscription for continuous email verification. 

  • 2500 Verifications/ month: $19
  • 5000 Verifications/ month: $39
  • 10000 Verifications/ month: $59
  • 25000 Verifications/ month: $99
  • 50000 Verifications/ month: $195
  • 100K Verifications/ month: $249
  • 200K Verifications/ month: $449
  • 500K Verifications/ month: $649
  • 1M Verifications/ month: $1049
  • 2M Verifications/ month: $1649


All the tools mentioned above are among the best in the market for Email verification. In the end, this service will provide you with the return that you are looking for from your email lists.

Hope you enjoyed reading our reviews. Feel free to comment below with your suggestions and recommendations.

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