Best email marketing software for eCommerce in 2021

Are you also wondering which one is the best Email marketing software for eCommerce in 2021?

There are many Email marketing software available in the market, making it hard to find the one that suits the eCommerce business model. 

I hope the reason you are looking to get an Email marketing software is not just to send your customers transactional Email because Email marketing software has potential far beyond that many of the general business owners are aware of. 

Using various tools included in this software, you can increase your sales by establishing solid communication between the business and the customer. 

Not sure what I am trying to say here? No worries, let’s take a closer look. 

Benefits of Email marketing software for eCommerce businesses: 

  • Emails are 40% better for increasing conversion and sales (in comparison to social media marketing).
  • 60% of consumers state that most of the purchases they make result from promotional emails sent to them in their inboxes. 
  • 21% of sent emails are opened within an hour of delivery, resulting in a profitable product launch. 
  • Easily promote products to existing customers by using cross-selling email campaigns. 
  • Reach out to your customers with discounts codes and coupons to encourage them to buy your product. 
  • Deploy Sign-up forms across your website to collect visitors’ Email and convert them into loyal customers using promotional campaigns.
  • The software will help you increase your leads and customer retention. 
  • Automate Transactional emails that will be executed without any interference once a user makes a purchase. 
  • Email marketing accounts for conversion of 4% traffic while Search engines and Social media only manages 2% and 1%, respectively. 
  • Using email marketing software can help you recover abandoned shopping carts when appropriately implemented. 

I hope these statistical data are enough to convince you about the potential of Email marketing for your eCommerce business. Now let’s understand how to determine which email marketing software is best suited for your business. 

How to select the Best Email marketing software for an eCommerce business?

We don’t have a magic formula that you could apply to pick the best software, but here are some of the key characteristics of robust email marketing software to look for. 

  • Easy to use email template builder is a must because the more time you spend building a template from scratch, can better be used for improving marketing campaigns. 
  • Segmentation is another powerful feature that lets you classify different customers based on their interest and behaviour. 
  • A landing page builder or sign up is a plus to have as it helps you increase your business to new potential customers. 
  • Should have an integrated and simplified dashboard to track and monitor the performance of your campaigns with detailed analytics and charts. 
  • Email Automation is a must to have as using the software will become hectic if you have to manually send emails every time a user purchases on your website. 
  • If your business has a team of developers, you should consider the software with API for better integration with Website or Applications. 
  • Make sure that the software supports and provides easy integration with your CMS. 
  • Proper management functionality should be present to ensure that you can collaborate with your team members regarding the email campaigns. 
  • Contact list management is also necessary to ensure that every customer details is saved securely. 
  • Privacy is a primary concern in today’s society; hence, ensure that the software you use has the best in class infrastructure to protect user data. 
  • The software should have a deliverability rate to ensure that your emails reach customers inbox. 

Keep these things in mind, and you’ll be good to go. I hope all this helps you make a better decision and pick the best software from the ones discussed below. 

Which is the best Email marketing software for eCommerce?

Bulk Email Marketing Software for eCommerceFree Trial PricingRating
Klaviyo Free Plan with 500 emails to 250 contacts Starts @ $20/Mo for 500 subscribers 4.5/5
Drip 14-day trial Starts @ $19/Mo for 500 subscribers 4.5/5
OmnisendFree trial available Starts @ $16/Mo for 15000 emails 4.5/5
MoosendFree-forever plan Starts @ $8/Mo for 1000 subscribers 4/5
Active CampaignUnavailable Starts @ $9/Mo for 500 subscribers 4/5
SendLaneFree Demo Starts @ $79/Mo for 5000 subscribers 3.5/5
SendinBlueFree Forever plan (300/day) Starts @ 25/Mo for 10K emails 4/5
Get Response30-day free trial Starts @ $15/Mo for 1000 subscribers4/5
Constant ContactFree of cost for the first month Starts @ $20/Mo for 500 subscribers 4.5/5
MailChimp Free Forever plan up to 2000 contacts Starts @ $10/Mo for 500 subscribers 3.5/5

1. Klaviyo

Klaviyo is one of the most reputed email marketing software that is specifically designed to accommodate eCommerce businesses. 

This software is used by more than 50,000+ businesses of all sizes. One of the reasons for Kaviyo’s success is that it supports different CMS platforms like WordPress, BigCommerce, Shopify, etc. 

Features of Klaviyo 

  • It comes with a powerful segmentation tool that will help you land more sales and better conversion rates. 
  • Klaviyo’s web tracking gives you access to track customer’s behaviour and trail on the website. 
  • With the help of an easy drag and drop builder, you will be able to customize the emails with dynamic blocks. 
  • You can design complicated automation to ensure that the software sends emails right on time when the user performs an action. 
  • Use A/B testing to optimize the Email in order to improve the campaign’s performance. 
  • Klaviyo lets you split and branch emails within a series so that you can send each customer down the right path.
  • With proper reporting and analytics, you can determine which flow has better performance when compared to the other. 
  • As Klaviyo collects users behavioural data, it gets easy to target them based on specific attributes like Location, Gender, etc. 
  • You can use customer data to create a lookalike audience for creating better ads. 

Pricing of Klaviyo

Another reason why you should consider Klaviyo is its affordable pricing. You can take advantage of this premium Email marketing software to hit your ROI to the roof. 

But before subscribing to the service, we would recommend using the Free plan that allows you to send 500 emails to 250 contacts.

Based on the number of your Email contact, the pricing will vary. 

500 subscribers: $20/ Mo

1000 subscribers: $30/Mo

2000 subscribers: $60/Mo

5000 subscribers: $100/Mo

10000 subscribers: $150/Mo

And so on,

All these plans include unlimited Email sends & Email and Chat Support.

2. Drip

Drip is also termed the Ecommerce revenue engine that helps you make more money with more innovative marketing. You rely on different tools integrated into the software to improve customer acquisition, loyalty and retention. 

This software is used by Trusted by 27,000+ marketers worldwide, including brands like Polaris, Craft, SpiceHouse and more. 

Features of Drip 

  • Automate your emails in a blink with scheduled event-based triggers that will be sent out to the subscribers at the right time. 
  • With Drip’s visual email builder, you can customize your blog by adding products, recommended products, abandoned cart items, active discount coupons, and more to your emails.
  • Drip allows segmenting your customer’s lists on an intense level through which you can expect great conversions. 
  • You can capture more customers’ Email by adding a customized sign up forms on your web pages. 
  • It can be easily integrated with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, etc.
  • Use A/B testing to understand which emails deliver better results and conversions. 
  • You can do a revenue attribution to determine which emails are driving results with which customers. 
  • The powerful dashboards and analytics tools give you insights that can help you iterate, adjust and improve your email campaign. 
  • Create custom tags and add customer users to identify them quickly. 

Pricing of Drip 

Unluckily, Drip does not have any Free-forever plan in place, but you can try out the software with the 14-day trial and access advanced features. 

Much like most email marketing software, you’ll be charged based on the numbers of subscribers you have. 

By the time trial ends, most probably you’ll be convinced to subscribe with a paid plan. The payment options are as follows. 

  • Starts @ $19/mo for 500 subscribers
  • $29/mo for 1000 subscribers
  • $39/mo for 2500 subscribers
  • $89/mo for 5000 subscribers
  • $154/mo for 10000 subscribers
  • $369/mo for 25000 subscribers

The plan goes up to $1699/ Mo for up to 150,000 email lists. For more, you can contact sales

All these plans include Unlimited emails, Account Users, Email Builder, templates, Abandoned cart, Recommended products and more. 

3. OmniSend

Omnisend is an easy to use Email marketing software designed for eCommerce businesses. It is one of the top-rated software on websites like G2 & Capterra, with a 4.5+ rating. 

Omnisend is way more than an email campaign designer and can scale a business and attract more customers. 

The software is used by some globally reputed brands like Hallmark, Samsung, Hindustan Unilever, etc. 

Features of Omnisend

  • Use drag and drop builder to design and customize emails to fit your brand, add recommended productions, promotional offers, dynamic information and more. 
  • Take advantage of Pre-built Automation flow or design one from scratch using a drag and drop builder. 
  • A powerful segmentation tool backed by Artificial intelligence can be used to classify users based on transactional events and purchase behaviours. 
  • Design attractive landing pages, pop-ups, and sign up forms using the software to drive more customers with lucrative offers. 
  • Keep an eye on the performance metrics to make necessary changes when & where required. 
  • You can generate unique coupon codes for different customers in your email campaigns.
  • Can be easily integrated with Shopify, Shopify Plus, Bigcommerce, Woocommerce

Pricing of Omnisend

You can take a Free trial for Omnisend to get a deep dive into the overall features you can avail yourself of with the subscription. 

However, if you don’t have an existing list of subscribers, you can get started with a Free Forever plan that lets you send up to 15000 emails/mo with a daily limitation of 2000 emails/day; along with that, you can get access to Sign-up Forms, Sales and Performance Reports, Segmentation & Customer Analytics. 

All paid plans depend upon the size of your contact list. There are three options available with different sets of features. 

Standard: Starts @ $16/Mo with everything in Free plan + 15,000 emails per month, Marketing Automation, Pre-built Workflows, SMS (International), A/B Testing, 24/7 Email & Chat Support

Pro: Starts @ $99/Mo Everything in Standard + 15,000 emails per month, Free SMS Credits, Web Push Notifications, Audience Sync for Facebook, Audience Sync for Google, Advanced Reporting

4. Moosend

Moosend is an all in one email marketing helpful platform that can be used by both beginners and Pro whether or not you have technical skills or knowledge. 

Some of the global brands that use Moosend for their Email marketing service includes Gucci, Vogue, TEDx, Dominos, etc. 

Features of Moosend 

  • With Zero HTML knowledge, you can use the drag and drop builder to create beautiful email templates to encourage users to take actions. 
  • Easily Automate marketing campaigns for different purposes like Abandoned Cart, Event Reminders, User onboarding, dynamic offer. 
  • Use Moosend data to determine to promote products based on the user’s past purchases or behaviour. 
  • Track every step your user takes with the help of in-depth analytics to fine-tune your marketing campaign. 
  • It can be integrated easily with CMS or Apps like Shopify, WordPress, Woocommerce, Salesforce and more. 
  • Moosend helps you create interactive landing pages with a blink of an eye to increase sales and subscriptions.  
  • The track opens, clicks, unsubscribes etc., to build the right strategies to maximize the ROI and serve your customers better.
  • Includes tools like Segmentation, A/B testing for better campaign optimization. 

Pricing of Moosend

Moosend has one of the most affordable pricing for an Email marketing service. Moreover, it also provides a Free-forever plan that provides Unlimited Email, Sign-up & Subscription Forms, Reporting & Analytics for up to 1000 subscribers.

There is a Single Pro plan available which provides access to everything Moosend has to offer. It has both monthly and yearly subscription options: 

  • Starts @ $8 for 1000 subscribers 
  • $16/Mo for 2500 subscribers 
  • $24/Mo for 5000 subscribers 
  • $44/Mo for 10000 subscribers 
  • $100/Mo for 25000 subscribers 
  • Up to $608/Mo for 200000 subscribers. 

Furthermore, these plans include Landing Pages builder, Transactional Emails, Phone Support, SMTP Server, 5 Team Members. 

5. Active Campaign

Active campaign is one of the Best Email marketing software available in the market that you could use to increase your eCommerce revenue. 

The software is one of the top-rated products on various reputed reviewing websites and has a user base of 150,000+ worldwide. 

Features of Active Campaign 

  • Use precise targeting to find the correct audience that is most likely to engage with your emails and turn them into loyal customers. 
  • The active campaign has Machine learning integration which helps determine users behaviour that will provide you with an understanding of the best time for engagement, best product recommendation, etc. 
  • Customized Email templates are included, and the software can be further customized with dynamic content and brand-related styling. 
  • Spilt test multiple Emails to compare the performance between the two and pick the one that gathers more clicks, opens, or conversions. 
  • It can be integrated with 100s of Applications and CMS like BigCommerce, Facebook, Paypal, Stripe, WooCommerce, and Shopify. 
  • You can track Social share to analyze the impact of your campaigns on different SM platforms. 
  • Create Beautiful Landing pages and Sign-up forms to collect more leads. You can use the same landing pages with dynamic content to target different users. 
  • Like most other Email marketing software, Active Campaign also provides you Segment your subscribers into different categories for better targeting. 

Pricing of Active Campaign

The active campaign has multiple payment plans but not a Free one. However, you can get an idea about how the software works; all you have to do is register for a Free Trial and access limited days. 

Lite: Starts @ $9/Mo Paid for up to 500 contacts

The plan includes; Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Unlimited Email Sending, Drag & Drop Email Builder, 125+ Email Templates, Send Newsletters, Subscription Forms, Segmentation, Site and Event Tracking, and more. 

Plus: Starts @ $49/Mo Paid for up to 1000 contacts

The plan includes everything in Lite + Landing Pages, 50+ Landing Page Templates, Facebook Custom Audiences, Contact Scoring, SMS Marketing, Automations Map, Conditional Content, Advanced Performance Reporting, and more 

Professional: Starts @ $129/Mo Paid for up to 2500 contacts

The plan includes everything in Plus + website Personalization, Predictive Sending, Predictive Content, Marketing Attribution, Split Automations, Attribution Reporting, Site Messages

Enterprise: Starts @ $229/Mo Paid for up to 2500 contacts

The plan includes everything in Professional + custom Reporting, Custom Mailserver Domain, Custom Domain, Free Design Services, Unlimited Email Design Testing, Social Data Enrichment and more. 

6. Sendlane

Sendlane is a powerful email marketing software that can turn your online visitors into loyal lifetime customers. It offers the best email deliverability rate in the industry as well. 

Daily, Sendlane manages to send 40 million emails that are delivering results for eCommerce businesses. 

Their awesome support is nothing short of excellence, and they aim to maintain an average response time of 30 seconds. 

Features of SendLane

  • Turn your Email flows into cash flows by using behaviour-based and data-driven automation that maximizes ROI. 
  • It helps you generate more revenue from Existing customers by segmenting and tracking them precisely. 
  • Automate different messages based on real-time website engagement from sign-ups, purchases to cart abandonment and page views. 
  • Get data-driven insights in a glance to identify the areas of improvement and track key metrics of user engagement. 
  • You can test up to 4 different variants of emails using A/B testing to experiment with email templates and drive better results. 
  • It can be easily integrated with Shopify, Woocommerce, Zapier, Facebook ads and more. 
  • Provides access to high-converting email template design that you can use on the go or build one using an easy to use drag and drop builder. 
  • The software uses Machine Learning Open Predictability to ensure that emails are delivered at a time when users are most likely to engage. 

Pricing of SendLane 

Sendlane does not offer a Free-forever plan that you use, but you can request a Demo that will provide you access to the software. 

There are multiple payment options with different sets of features. The monthly and annual prices may vary based on the number of subscribers you have. 

Growth: Starts at $79/month for up to 5000 contacts with access to all features, including 24/7-365 days – Live Chat and Email, Assisted onboarding support and more. 

Professional: Starts at $208/month for 10,000 contact access to all features including Live Chat and Email, White glove, custom onboarding, Dedicated Customer Success Manager, Program reviews 1x a month, Proactive deliverability monitoring

Starter: 6 months of service – Growth Membership to EEA for $497. 

7. SendinBlue 

SendinBlue accommodates all types of Email marketing requirements whether you are a Blogger, Affiliate Marketers, Influencer or an eCommerce business. 

The software is integrated with tons of marketing & sales tools that help improve business in different areas. They have 175,000 users in 160 countries, and you can even get started for Free.

Features of SendInBlue 

  • Most importantly, SendinBlue has high email deliverability that ensures that your messages reach customers inbox. 
  • With the help of drag and drop builder, you can design or customize professional-looking emails on the go.
  • For building a strong connection between the business and users, you can use various means of communication channels like SMS and chats. 
  • Manage your contact list conveniently with all information in one place using powerful CRS. 
  • Save time by Automating the Email flow to reach your customers at the right time. 
  • Setup transactional emails and prioritize their delivery. 
  • Segmentation is a great email marketing tool that you could use to refine the targeting of your contact based on their Gender, Demographics, Interest, etc.  
  • Quickly build Landing pages and sign-up forms that could help you gather more leads, resulting in better conversions. 
  • Take advantage to retarget your contacts or create similar audiences using Facebook ads & reach more potential customers. 

Pricing of SendinBlue 

Sendinblue offers a Free Forever plan that allows you to send up to 300 emails per day to an unlimited contact list. If you are just getting started with your eCommerce store, SendinBlue is an excellent option for you. 

However, for an existing business that already has a subscriber base and is looking to send more than 300 emails a day, then you can opt for the paid plans as mentioned below. 

sendinblue price

Lite Plan

  • 10k emails/mo costs $25
  • 40k emails/mo costs $54
  • 60k emails/mo costs $69
  • 100k emails/mo costs $99

With No daily sending limit & Email support

Lite+ add-on: A/B testing, remove Sendinblue logo, advanced statistics

Premium Plan

  • 20k emails/ mo costs $65
  • 100k emails/mo costs $124
  • 500k emails/mo costs $379
  • 1M emails/mo costs $599

With everything in Lite+ and Marketing Automation, Facebook ads, Landing pages, Multi-user access, Tele-Support. 

8. GetResponse

For an eCommerce business, GetResponse is a great option to look forward to as it is packed with multiple features that could help you boost your sales and create loyal customers. 

This software is widely used by 100,000+ businesses, including some brands like IKEA, ZenDesk, Stripe, Carrefour, etc. 

Features of GetResponse 

  • Build interactive pixel-perfect emails that convert and sell more. 
  • Track performance of your campaigns through Key metrics and Automated reports with deep insights and analytics. 
  • Automate delivery of order confirmations, receipts, notifications, etc., every time a user does a transaction on the website. 
  • Manage, Organize and segment your contact list to target them more precisely. 
  • Use tools to design SEO-optimized pages like Landing pages, Pop-Ups, Sign-up forms, etc., to generate more revenue. You can also create time-sensitive deals with a Countdown timer. 
  • Send relevant emails to the users based on their behaviour on the website. 
  • Take advantage of Automated product recommendations to increase your sales. 
  • Create different funnels like Lead magnet funnels, List building funnel, Webinar Funnel, or sales funnel. 
  • Has built-in tools to create and manage your paid ad campaigns on Facebook, Google ads more precisely and related to your contact list. 

Pricing of GetResponse

With GetResponse, you won’t get any Free Forever plan, but you could try out the software with a 30-day free trial. 

Basic Plan: Starts @ $15/Mo with access to Email Marketing, Autoresponders, Unlimited landing pages, One Sales funnels, Unlimited lead funnels, Facebook & Google Ads & Chats. 

Plus Plan: Starts @ $49/Mo with all essential features + Marketing automation (5 workflows), Webinars (up to 100 attendees), Contact scoring & tagging, Sales funnels (5 funnels), three users Access, Webinar funnels. 

Professional Plan: Starts @ $99/Mo with Plus plan features + Unlimited marketing automation, Web push notifications, Paid webinars, Webinars (up to 300 attendees), Unlimited sales funnels, Unlimited webinar funnels, five-user access, On-demand webinars.

9. Constant Contact

Constant contact is another great software that suits eCommerce businesses requirements. Apart from email marketing, you can also scale your Ads performance and social media engagements. 

It’s an easy to use software that requires no technical knowledge and can be integrated with your website or application in minutes. 

Features of Constant Contact 

  • It has a Smart Email builder that makes designing and customizing great looking templates an easy task. 
  • With the help of Email Marketing Automation, you can set up Welcome emails, Triggered email series, and Resend emails to non-openers without having to do it manually. 
  • Contact segmentation makes it easy for you to categorize and target users based on their personal preference and interest. 
  • With A/B testing, you can test multiple variations of email templates to analyze which one delivers better Clicks and conversion. 
  • Manage your contact and upload contact lists from Excel, Outlook, Salesforce with a single click. 
  • You can track the performance of your Email marketing campaigns with real-time tracking to see who’s opening, clicking, and sharing your emails.
  • Comes with access to the Free Library, Email templates and tons of images. 
  • Constant contact helps you schedule social media posts and track your performance using analytics. 
  • Get actionable feedback from users by conducting Surveys and Polls. You can even collect donations securely on your website.  
  • Create, manage and promote events with the help of Eventbrite integration on your website. 

Pricing of Constant Contact 

There is no Free-forever plan available for this software, but the first month is Free. You can pick a plan afterwards based on your requirements and the number of contacts you have. 

There are mainly two payment options, i.e. Email and Email Plus, and the latter provides complete access to all the features that Constant contact has to offer. 

Email Plan: Starts @ $20/Month for 500 subscribers and provides unlimited Email sends, Sign-up Forms, Landing Pages, Pre-made Customizable Templates, Industry Specific Templates, Tracking & Reporting, Ecommerce Marketing

Email Plus: Starts @ $49/Month for 500 subscribers will include Email plan features + Ecommerce Segmentation, Customizable Pop-up Forms, RSVP, Polls, Coupons, Online Donations, New Customer Consultation

10. MailChimp 

Another powerful software for eCommerce Email marketing is MailChimp. This product has an excellent reputation in the Email marketing industry. 

Mailchimp was also named one of the Best Software companies by G2 and was mentioned as the Best in the software category by TrustRadius.

Features of MailChimp 

  • It has an integrated built-in analytics tool that provides real-time reporting and monitoring of the performance of your campaigns. 
  • Use landing page builders to create attractive sales/product pages and integrate Sign-up forms to gather more leads. 
  • Reach the right customer at the right time using Email automation and build strong relationships with them. 
  • Send personalized transactional emails using API or SMTP, right when your customers need them.
  • You can craft posts for each of your social platforms right from the email builder to share them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 
  • MailChimp maintains a high inbox email deliverability rate of 96-99%. 
  • Run Facebook and Instagram ads through MailChimp so that you can take advantage of your existing contact and reach similar audiences. 
  • With the help of A/B testing, Identify the version of Email that works the best. 
  • Send Out postcards as emails to make announcements, reward loyal customers, Recover abandoned carts, etc. 
  • Segment your audience in different email categories to target them more precisely. 

Pricing of MailChimp 

Get started with MailChimp for Free and start using their tools to make an impact on your business. You can send emails to up to 2000 contacts with access to Email Builder, Marketing CRM, Forms & Landing Pages, Creative Assistant, Website Builder. 

The essential plan starts at $9.99/month for up to 500 subscribers with All Email Templates, Multi-Step Journeys, Custom Branding, A/B Testing, 24/7 Email & Chat Support.

The standard plan starts at $14.99/month for up to 500 subscribers with Essential features + Customer Journey Builder + Branching Points, Send Time Optimization, Behavioral Targeting, Custom Templates, Dynamic Content, etc. 

The premium plan gives you complete access starting from $299/month for up to 10k subscribers with Standard plan features + Advanced Segmentation, Multivariate Testing, Comparative Reporting, Unlimited Seats & Role-Based Access, Phone Support, etc. 

Frequently Asked Question 

1. Which is the best email marketing software for eCommerce websites?

Some of the software designed explicitly for eCommerce email marketing are Klaviyo, Omnisend and Drip. Among them, Drip stands out with high-quality performance, feature and customer service. 

2. What is the best email marketing service for small businesses?

SendInBlue and GetResponse are best suited for small eCommerce businesses.

3. What is the best low-cost email marketing tool?

Moosend offers excellent sets of features at relatively affordable prices. It is one of the best low-cost email marketing tools available in the market. 

4. Why use Email marketing software? 

Email Marketing software will help you create Brand awareness, Brand value, Understand customer behaviour that will eventually land you more sales and conversions. 

5. How can I send bulk emails for free?

Most of the Email marketing software allows you to send bulk emails at once. However, this feature might not be available with a Free plan or trial. 


All right, that’s all the most popular Email marketing software that we think are best suited for an eCommerce business. Please don’t spend too much time stressing about the best software to pick; go ahead, take a free trial, and try it out yourself. With companies competing with each other on the basis of customer satisfaction and innovation, you’ll hardly find a service that’s going to disappoint you. 

If you are already a user of any of these platforms, let us know your personal experience with that particular service. 

I hope this article finds you well and you will be able to choose an email marketing service for your business. We would be glad to hear about the decision you make; let us know in the comment section below. 


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